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SCU hosts digital bootcamp for business owners


Steve Spinks
24 July 2013
Business owners will be encouraged to flex their digital muscles when Southern Cross University offers a free Digital Bootcamp at the Gold Coast campus on Thursday, August 1.

The one day workshop, run by the Southern Cross Business School, will feature a cast of digital practitioners who will provide participants, particularly those involved in small to medium sized businesses, with an arsenal of tools, tactics and examples to help local firms gain a greater foothold in the digital world, according to organiser Dr Simon Wilde.

“Although 75 per cent of Australians are engaged in social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter on a personal level, a recent report shows that just 30  per cent of small businesses are using social media,” he said.

“Further to this, about a quarter of small businesses have no clear strategy in terms of managing their social media profiles and fail to measure their return on investment online.

“Sometimes it’s difficult for smaller firms to recognise clear and tangible benefits when using social media and to identify with their customer base. However, a big part of that lack of recognition is that too many firms fail to plan for the implementation of social media deployment as part of their wider marketing endeavours.

“It's great to say 'well our competitors have a Facebook site, so we best have a Facebook site’. But the use of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs needs to be integrated into the overall marketing function. It is vital that business plans for the potential deployment of such tools, given these tools take time and resources to manage.”

There will be other interactive discussions which will include online business models, doing business on the cloud, and online privacy and security.

“As Australia's metropolitan and regional zones gain access to more and more broadband technologies, it’s important for smaller firms to understand where business opportunities lie, while also protecting themselves for internet-related concerns such as hacking and fraud,” Dr Wilde said.

Photo: Dr Simon Wilde.