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Residents can have their say on Lismore CBD


Steve Spinks
14 March 2014
Visitors and residents of Lismore will be able to have their say on parking and improvement priorities for the central business district and Wilsons River, with researchers from Southern Cross University conducting a survey on behalf of the Lismore City Council.

Sarah Biersteker, a researcher in the Southern Cross Business School, will lead the survey which will collect data from March 1 through to March 31, 2014.

“The information gathered by the survey will help inform the council, which is conducting a review of the 2007 CBD Parking Strategy, taking into account community and visitor attitudes of parking facilities downtown,” Ms Biersteker said.

“We will supply the council with the collated results of the survey next month. In the meantime, the council is also gathering up-to-date data on car parking numbers and usage in the CBD. The results of both studies will be presented at a parking workshop at the Council Chambers on April 9.”

Part of the survey will also focus on improvement priorities for the city centre and the Wilsons River and what could make the CBD more attractive to shoppers.

“The results for this part of the survey will be prepared for a CBD/River Citizens’ Jury which will deliberate on improvement strategies for the area in May. The jury will make recommendations to the council on spending priorities in the area,” Ms Biersteker said.

“The survey will also look at influences on visitation to the Lismore CBD/River precinct.”

Researchers will be conducting face-to-face interviews in the Lismore CBD over the next couple of weeks and the survey can also be completed online. One respondent will win a $100 voucher at the Lismore Visitor Information Centre.

Photo: Sarah Biersteker.