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SCU launches “Live Ideas” and calls for your collaborative ideas


Sharlene King
20 April 2015

Collaboration is at the heart of a new initiative being launched by Southern Cross University across the region this week.

Live Ideas provides an easy, one-stop shop for organisations from communities near and far to propose ideas for collaboration with the University, and is one way that SCU is ensuring that community engagement is a defining characteristic of the University.

“Live Ideas is a direct demonstration of the University’s mission to enrich our communities through the excellence of our graduates and the quality of our teaching and research,” said Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Lee.

“This is a significant new engagement initiative for Southern Cross University and a strong demonstration to the higher education sector on how universities can bring engagement to life as a core part of their teaching and research activities.”

Live Ideas responds to feedback from the community to simplify the way in which organisations can propose ideas for collaboration with the University and provides students with the opportunity for realworld learning to be a hallmark of their SCU experience.

Ben Roche, head of Sustainability, Partnerships and Community Engagement (SPACE), said Live Ideas provided community groups – from local councils to small businesses and community service organisations - with a simple way to propose projects to bring to life realworld learning for students at Southern Cross University.

“The nature of projects can be diverse; from small one-off events requiring only a few hours through to more substantial research projects. The projects don’t necessarily need face-to-face contact.

“Live Ideas was developed with the ultimate aim of increasing the amount of connectivity our research and education activities have with the needs of organisations in our regions. It has been designed with the needs of our partners and our students as a starting point. We want to empower organisations to articulate their own projects and empower students to contribute to the social fabric of their communities.

“Live Ideas is a first for the sector and something SCU should be immensely proud of,” said Mr Roche.

Have you got a Live Idea? SCU is calling for ideas for collaborative projects from organisations. The University is particularly interested in project ideas in the fields of environmental science and management, marine science, engineering, social work, community development, media and the creative arts.