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You’re the voice, try and understand it: free speech assessments at SCU Health Clinic


Sharlene King
15 February 2016
For actors, singers, fitness instructors, radio presenters or auctioneers, their voice is a critical tool for the job. The SCU Health Clinic Lismore is offering free speech pathology assessments in March for the general public - and anyone else curious about making the most of their vocal potential.

The free, 45-minute assessments will be provided by the University’s speech pathology students under the supervision of qualified, experienced speech pathologists. The appointments are at the SCU Health Clinic at the Lismore campus.

“Remember, you only have one very small voice mechanism and any damage to it can create serious issues with your ability to speak, sing and perform,” said Ms Marlene Assim, manager of the SCU Health Clinic Lismore.

“We encourage actors, singers, lecturers, teachers, fitness instructors, radio presenters and auctioneers to attend. In fact, anyone who uses their voice.

“If you notice you lose your voice from time to time, or your throat feels sore after talking and singing, or if you’ve noticed the sound of your voice has changed over time, then you’ll benefit from our voice assessment.”

The voice assessments involve both perceptual (listening) and objective (acoustic) measurements. The appointment includes:

• Interview investigating risk factors for voice disorders including current voice use
• Assessment of voice 'quality' including pitch and volume range
• Acoustic analysis of vocal tasks, for example speaking and singing
• Education regarding healthy voice use and ways to preserve voice
• Recommendations for further voice therapy if required

All clients will receive a full assessment report with recommendations, if needed. Reports will be available approximately one week after the consultation.

Voice assessments with speech pathology students normally cost $35 but are free as part of this promotion. Bookings are available on the following days:

Tuesday March 1
Tuesday March 8
Tuesday March 22

Appointments are limited. To make an appointment, call the SCU Health Clinic Lismore on 02 6626 9131.

Photo: Speech pathology student Bridgette Hill with a patient at the SCU Health Clinic.