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June course provides hope for hundreds like Tansy


Jessica Nelson
31 May 2018

Thousands of bright, academically-capable people have excelled at university after completing the PSP, without having to rely on year 12 results.

School just didn’t agree with Tansy Anderson.

She wanted to step into a career in nursing, but as her grades came in, it seemed her goal of studying at university was unachievable. The words in her textbooks took at long time to read and so she opted to try her hand at real estate when school finished

After discovering the world of auctions and rentals was not for her, Tansy needed to find a new direction for her future – and fast. She applied to universities twice without success and was about to give up on her dream career when a friend told her about the Preparing for Success Program (PSP), a fee-free program developed by Southern Cross which provides graduates with guaranteed entry into a Bachelor degree.

It was only when she had started the fee-free 12-week pathway program that Tansy was diagnosed with severe dyslexia – suddenly making sense of her struggles through school.

“I never thought I was academic enough for university,” Tansy said.

“I struggled through high school but I thought if I could get into the PSP and pass, it would prove that I could do university. Plus it doesn’t cost anything so it was an easy decision.

“Finding out that I was dyslexic and learning some strategies to deal with that meant that I could suddenly start getting strong academic grades, reflecting the work I was putting in, rather than constant setbacks that I had at school.”

The PSP is a 12-week program which provides an alternative way to enter university for people who do not have the required entry score.

SCU College Director Professor Janet Taylor said the PSP had changed the lives and career opportunities for thousands of students.

“This program has proven time and again that we can’t define someone’s academic potential based only on their score at the end of school,” Professor Taylor said.

Thousands of bright, academically-capable people have excelled at university after completing the PSP, without having to rely on year 12 results.

“This is a program that unlocks the potential of students who often don’t even realise the full extent of their own capabilities until they have gained confidence and skills through our classes.”

For Tansy, the 12-week PSP was her last chance of realising her goal of a nursing career.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had never done anything other than work in real estate. I needed more qualifications, but it was only after I heard about the PSP that I found my chance.”

“The way the PSP is structured helps students to manage their time, write essays, undertake research and apply concepts.

“There are a lot of like-minded people in the program. Everyone is there to better themselves and help each other. The teachers are very friendly and approachable. They understand if you find things a little harder, or if you need more time.”

After passing the PSP with flying colours, Tansy was guaranteed entry into the Bachelor of Nursing degree at Southern Cross, which she is loving.

“Preparing for Success opened the door to my dream career. For anyone who wants to study but doesn’t think they can have the chance, I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Find out more about the Preparing for Success Program and apply to start in late June here.