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Southern Cross University runs off with marathon award


Jessica Nelson
4 July 2019

As Southern Cross University runners prepare for the largest Gold Coast Marathon event on record, they do so with the knowledge their efforts are already being rewarded.

This year’s marathon will see the biggest ever team competing under the University banner with more than 220 Southern Cross students and staff participating in the Gold Coast Marathon festival, not only from the Gold Coast campus but from further afield.

As the biggest corporate team at the iconic event, Southern Cross University will receive the coveted trophy on Saturday following its namesake 10km Run.

“As well as Gold Coast staff and students, we have runners coming from our other campuses in Lismore and Coffs Harbour and even some of our online students and alumni who are keen to represent their University – the Gold Coast is a great destination for an event like a marathon,” said Dave Graham, the University’s Sport and Recreation Officer.

While ‘Team SCU’ consists of more than 220 official runners, there are scores more teammates behind the scenes working to ensure every runner on marathon weekend is treated to the recovery they deserve.

For the first time this year, Southern Cross University will host a ‘Recovery Hub’ where free ice baths, foam rollers, static stretching and osteopathic massage are all on the menu.

While immersing yourself in near-freezing water might sound like a unique way to celebrate after running a marathon, research shows that you would be doing your body a massive kindness by speeding up the recovery process.

Southern Cross University exercise scientist Dr Luke del Vecchio says immersing the body in cold water, for 10-15 minutes at temperatures between 10-15 degrees, reduces body temperature, blood flow and inflammation in tissues of the muscles.

“In layman's terms, ice-baths change the way blood, and other fluids flow through your body,” Dr del Vecchio said.

“When you sit in cold water, your blood vessels constrict; when you get out, they dilate. Much like the effect of wringing water out of a rag or towel. This process helps flush away metabolic waste post-exercise.”

Southern Cross exercise scientists will be on hand in the Recovery Hub to guide runners through stretching to speed up the recovery process.

Foot health information from Southern Cross experts and osteopathic massage will also be available at the Recovery Hub. Osteopathy is an allied health science, involving a system of diagnosis and manual therapy to treat musculoskeletal and other functional disorders of the body.

Southern Cross is one of just three universities in Australia offering a comprehensive osteopathy program that enables professional registration.

2019 marks Southern Cross University’s twelfth year sponsoring the iconic Gold Coast Marathon.