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Standing in solidarity with New Zealand


Southern Cross University
18 March 2019

A Message from the Vice Chancellor and Leadership Team

Dear members of the Southern Cross family,

I write to you at a time when our neighbours, friends and family in Christchurch are experiencing one of their darkest days.

Our deepest thoughts go to all those in New Zealand — and around the world — who have been so terribly affected by the tragic events of the past 24 hours. The grief, pain and sorrow are unimaginable. We stand by you.

Southern Cross is a diverse family of students, scholars, professionals and partners who are guided by our values of integrity and collegiality – values that are at the core of our identity as a progressive, public purpose University. 

It is through our collegiality that we embrace openness and respect together.  We reject violence in all of it forms. We see absolute strength in diversity. And we embrace the importance of inclusiveness across all that we do.

This is the time to come together as a University — as a Southern Cross family — to extend a compassionate embrace to all of you. We are you and you are us.

If you feel that you need support, please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour Crisis Support Line on 1300 782 676 and the Crisis Support Text Line is 0488 884 143. The service operates all weekend and has a team of qualified crisis support specialists.

With respect,

Adam Shoemaker, and the entire leadership Team

Professor Adam Shoemaker
Vice Chancellor and President
Southern Cross University