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Good Universities Guide awards top marks to Southern Cross


Sharlene King, Southern Cross University media officer
27 August 2020

Southern Cross University degrees in education, forest science, environmental management and engineering are rated some of the best in Australia, according to the 2021 Good Universities Guide.

The Good Universities Guide is one of Australia's most trusted ratings on higher education quality. Operating for 20 years, it is the go-to resource for individuals wanting to make an informed choice about their future study options.

Southern Cross University achieved the highest ranking, a five-star rating, across a range of considerations from teaching quality, employability, graduate salary and more.

Southern Cross has maintained its position among Australia’s top universities for the best undergraduate salaries for careers in forest science, environmental management, communications and allied health.

The University’s graduates are also securing full-time employment quickly in business, communications, information technology and nursing.

Students also rate as five-star the teaching quality for the University’s engineering and sciences courses.

In postgraduate education, too, Southern Cross earned top marks.

Engineering postgraduates rated as five-star their capacity to secure full-time employment, graduate salary and teaching quality.

Postgraduates in the fields of nursing, IT, education and business also scored the University high.

Southern Cross University Vice President (Engagement) Mr Ben Roche said the ratings reflect the University’s continued focus on quality teaching and learning along with an emphasis on developing work-ready skills.

“These latest ratings confirm that Southern Cross University produces highly sought-after, job-ready graduates, fit for their future,” Mr Roche said.

“We are equipping our students with the skills, expertise and workplace experience to give them the confidence to secure a job in their chosen field at a top salary.”

Highlights for Southern Cross University in the 2021 Good Universities Guide:

Overall experience – 5 stars
Agriculture (forest science); Environmental studies; Education and training; Engineering and technology

Teaching quality – 5 stars
Engineering and technology; Sciences

Graduate salary – 5 stars
Agriculture ($73,100) (forest science); Environmental studies ($73,100); Communications (arts, creative writing, digital media) ($65,200); Rehabilitation (allied health) ($67,000)

Fulltime employment (four months after completing course) – 5 stars
Business and management; Communications (arts, creative writing, digital media); Computing & IT; Nursing

Overall experience – 5 stars
Computing & IT; Education and training; Nursing

Teaching quality – 5 stars
Education and training; Engineering and technology

Graduate salary – 5 stars
Overall (all postgrad) ($96,000); Business and management ($110,000); Education and training ($97,000); Engineering and technology ($120,000)

Fulltime employment (four months after completing course) – 5 stars
Engineering and technology