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Southern Cross University’s Winter Law School offers a global experience online


Jessica Nelson
1 June 2020
Dr Valentina Adami
Dr Valentina Adami

A novel blend of science fiction and pandemic lockdown will give Southern Cross University Winter Law School students a unique perspective to their learning in July.

One of the presenters, Dr Valentina Adami, an English Literature expert from the University of Verona, will present her course live from her study in Italy, where she has spent more than two months in lockdown.

Dr Adami said she was excited for participants to explore the mythical foundations of modern law and how science fiction, and particularly climate fiction, may represent new Myths for the Future, in an immersive online learning experience.

“In the same way that this pandemic has altered our life in such a dramatic way, these works of climate fiction show us other metaphorically possible futures,” Dr Adami said.

“This unit delves into how mythology, and more recently science fiction, could provide us with new stories to live by, which could enhance legal scholars’ creativity in finding and addressing future problems as they emerge.”

“This will be an incredibly immersive virtual classroom where participants will have already read a selection of contemporary works of climate fiction and will be able to share their own rich perspectives,” Dr Adami said.

The Italy-based academic is among some of the brightest legal minds from across the globe helping to deliver Southern Cross’ first ever virtual Winter Law School.

The formidable line-up of internationally-recognised experts from Italy, Thailand, China and New Zealand will present exclusive week-long Winter Law School units online.

Students and legal professionals have four intensive units to choose to fast-track their learning, with the program counted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for practitioners and ideal for students from a wide range of disciplines from any tertiary institution.

“These niche and innovative units, exploring the commercial and creative dimensions of the law, are presented by leading global experts, and can be studied online from the comfort of one’s own home or study space,” said Southern Cross University Professor Bee Chen Goh, director of the Winter Law School.

“Each subject spans four days and participants can study one subject, or up to all four subjects if they wish for two weeks of intensive morning and afternoon learning. This gives students the ability to get further ahead in their degree in a shorter timeframe.

“Southern Cross University has been teaching law subjects online for many years and is well-equipped to deliver the best-quality online education and support to participants, while giving them a global insight into legal contexts and dimensions. Cross-institutional, non-award and international students are also all welcome, with professionals also encouraged to add to their Continuing Professional Development.”

The first two Winter Law School intensives will run from July 22 – 25, with International Trade and Development Law from 9am - 1pm AEST, and Myths for the Future: Law and Climate Fiction in the 21st Century from 2pm – 6pm. Then from July 26-29, Introduction to Chinese Business Law will run from 9am – 1pm, and The Rhetoric of Law from 2pm – 6pm AEST.