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I've found a better way to learn at uni: one student's story


Media team
13 April 2022

Words: Lucia Miles

When I graduated from high school I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in business. Out of all the universities and courses on offer, Southern Cross University’s Bachelor of Business and Enterprise was the most innovative and it suited me best.

Southern Cross University’s Gold Coast campus is in a beautiful location right next to the beach, and studying here means I also get to keep living at home. I was also lucky enough to get an academic scholarship as well as Early Entry, and my experience of the university community has been even better than I imagined.

My degree is being delivered in the University’s new academic model – called the Southern Cross Model – where we study up to two subjects at a time for six weeks, before moving onto the next two subjects. All degrees at the University will be delivered in the new model from 2023.

The six-week terms are great, it’s so much better than doing longer semesters. Obviously, the work is more condensed, but it’s a lot better because you don’t get bored or distracted, because you’re focusing your energy on just one or two subjects at a time. Then at the end of every six-week term we get a two-week break.

As a student I much prefer this six-week structure. I have friends at other universities who are really struggling because there are not enough breaks or they have too many competing study priorities going on at once. Whereas for us there are never more than two assessments at the same time.

I live in Byron and travel to Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus one day a week for in-person classes and I’m able to complete all my other study online in my own time. This gives me the flexibility to pursue my passion for dance and performance, as well as plenty of time for friends and working multiple jobs.

I can definitely say one of the highlights of study for me is that all the content can be found in the online modules and you don’t get overwhelmed by how much content there is.

The modules for each subject are uploaded to the student learning site at the start of term, which enables you to work through it at your own pace. The coursework is interactive and related to real-world scenarios so you can really see how it relates to your future career after uni.

I’m enjoying the course; the subjects have been great and I’m really understanding the concepts. I want a degree that can take me anywhere, and I know this one will benefit me regardless of which area I choose to go into.