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Advanced IT, graduate entry nursing and business double degrees in expanded 2024 course portfolio

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6 October 2023

Southern Cross University has announced a range of new degrees on offer in 2024, including an expanded suite of business degrees and a new Bachelor of Counselling, Bachelor of Innovation with Honours, Master of Computing and Master of Nursing.

Offered at all three campuses and online, the Bachelor of Counselling will provide a foundation in psychology, assessment and interventions, counselling theory and practice and building relationships. Course Coordinator for the Bachelor of Counselling, Professor Ebi Cocodia, said students will have access to the latest research and approaches, ready to hit the ground running with a practical experience component of 200 hours.

“There have been tremendous advances in the counselling field over the last 10 years. The new degree integrates mental health and wellness/strength-based models, encouraging and equipping counsellors to work with the whole person. The course aims to produce self-reflexive counsellors,” Professor Cocodia said.

A new one-year online Bachelor of Innovation with Honours will enhance students’ skills in research, creativity and problem-solving. With an embedded industry research project, the honours degree will fast track research and project management skills as well as communication, digital engagement, initiative and teamwork.

Associate Dean (Education) at SCU College, Associate Professor Suzi Syme, said innovative thinkers are in high demand. “The degree meets the demand from employers for graduates who not only have academic grounding in design-led innovation but also real-life application. They understand how to apply innovative solutions to complex problems with global implications,” she said.

New postgraduate courses in computing will also be introduced in 2024. The Graduate Certificate in Computing, Graduate Diploma of Computing and Master of Computing will advance students’ careers in Information Communication Technology, according to Course Coordinator for the Master of Information Technology Management, Dr Vinh Bui.

“We created the Master of Computing and the associated degrees to allow professionals from other fields to learn about information technologies and develop sufficient knowledge and skills to apply information technology to solve problems in their domain,” Dr Bui said.

“The knowledge of computing is critical to effectively operate in the future.”

Vinh: Very exciting news that we have the new  Master of Computing with associated degrees, which is the Graduate Certificate in  Computing and Graduate Diploma in Computing, be starting from 2024. We created the Master of  Computing with the associated degrees to allow professionals from other fields to learn about  information technologies and develop sufficient knowledge and skills to apply information  technology to solve problems in their domain. So we have three specializations. One is the  Pervasive Computing, where students learn a lot about developing software for the Internet  of Things. Also we have the Big Data Analytics, where students learn a lot about using artificial  intelligence tools. The last specialization is Smart Environments.
Mrisha: Doing creative stuff, I  think that's the coolest part about my degree. I can do internships, so I started it before my  unit starts for the following term. So I'm doing, uh... Working as an assistant webmaster intern  in a Brisbane based company. We do team meetings and working with a lot of senior developers as  well, so it's quite good to get your feet on the field.
Vinh: We're trying our best to invest in creating  state of the art equipment for students to study. We've been investing in digital enterprise labs,  where you can have access to different virtual reality and augmented reality equipment. We also  have simulations. That go hand in hand with the hardware that allow you to practice your skill. We  are the five star university in student support. This means that you get a lot of support when  you're studying at Southern Cross University. We also have relatively small class size. It  also means that you have better chance to talk to your tutors, your lecturers. Very recently,  we introduced the new Southern Cross model,  
which is the six, what we call the block teaching  model when we teach our units in six week block. It means that you will have a better concentration  on your study because you, instead of doing three or four units in a semester, you have a  chance to do only one or two units in a term.
Mrisha: It's working for me because I feel like  I have more knowledge of all the, uh, like the contents that's going on inside the  unit. And also, um, the flexibility with the assignments. I'm pushed to do more research and  I am pushed to develop those skills so that in  
the future if I go on the workforce or if I carry  on a PhD or anything, I have those soft skills. So, yeah, I really like the assignment structure  and the six by six.
Vinh: So the knowledge of computing, especially pervasive computing, is critical  to, uh, to effectively operate in the future.

Additionally, a new Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) will enable students to become a Registered Nurse (RN) in just two years. Offered at all three campuses, the course is ideal for graduates of health degrees who wish to transition into nursing or graduates from other disciplines who wish to pursue a healthcare career with robust employment prospects.

Course Coordinator, Associate Professor Sam Lapkin, said the degree is designed to equip aspiring nurses with the essential professional knowledge, skills, and clinical experiences needed for a successful career in nursing and health.

“Theoretical knowledge is solidified through hands-on clinical laboratory learning experiences and clinical placements under close supervision. These clinical experiences are thoughtfully offered in diverse healthcare settings, including local, regional, and remote facilities. This approach ensures that students gain invaluable learning experiences that prepare them for the challenges and rewards of real-world nursing practice,” Associate Professor Lapkin said.

A suite of new business double degrees will offer diverse career options with students able to study the Bachelor of Business and Enterprisein conjunction with the Bachelor of Engineering Systems (Honours), Bachelor of Information Technology or Bachelor of Psychological Science.

The new courses complement Southern Cross University’s existing suite of degrees with over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in 2024.

To find out more about Southern Cross University’s 2024 course offerings, download the Southern Cross University Quick Course Guide 2024.

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