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Creating big changes in small towns through social work: SCU Buzz

Social Work student Danyel Herbert


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14 August 2023

Bachelor of Social Work student Danyel Herbert swapped the seaside for inland rivers as part of her placement experience. Born and bred in Tweed Heads, when Danyel was offered an opportunity to move to the rural town of St George, Queensland, to complete her practicum she jumped at the chance.

Speaking to Blake for the SCU Buzz podcast, Danyel said she wanted to experience a new lifestyle.

“In rural areas, it’s very different geographically. People are so isolated from services. They need professionals out there. And so, because of that, I knew my placement would be more hands-on,” she said.

Danyel spent 18 weeks out west, during which time she was inspired to make a more permanent move.

“Once I’ve graduated, I’m planning on moving to a rural area, to get my experience up and give back to the communities out there,” she said.

For students considering a rural placement, Danyel recommended researching the town beforehand and planning ahead.

“Research the services in that town. Think about supermarkets, chemists, doctors, physio, and dental. Keep in mind that certain things are going to be further away so make sure your car is serviced and maintenance is up to date.”

Danyel said one of the reasons she was drawn to social work is its versatility. “It’s such a broad field. Social workers can work in education, disability, housing, mental health, child protection and general hospital settings.

“There’s so many places you can go. And for me, it was the field where I could help people the most.”

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