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New Southern Cross University course will have conveyancers job-ready in under a year

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4 January 2024

Southern Cross University is offering an exciting pathway to a job as a property conveyancer, with enrolments in a new course now open for the start of 2024.

The Diploma of Conveyancing (Law and Practice) was officially accredited in New South Wales late last year. Successful students will be job ready in less than a year.

Dean of Law Associate Professor David Heilpern said the course had been structured to address key barriers to entry to the profession.

“We intentionally designed this course to level the playing field. ”

Portrait of David Heilpern

“Other offerings require up-front payment or take longer to complete, including subjects which are not particularly relevant to conveyancing,” Associate Professor Heilpern said.

“We intentionally designed this course to level the playing field. Eligible students will be able to access Commonwealth-supported places or defer their contribution through HECS-HELP.

“You can be ready for work in less than a year and carry credits for units which are recognised in our Bachelor of Laws.”

Associate Professor Heilpern said conveyancers played an important role in the transfer of property from buyers to sellers, advising on legal issues throughout the process.

He said many people in the system – especially women – were employed as unqualified assistants, effectively working to support the transfer process, but in lesser-paid positions.

“This program will enable those people to gain formal qualifications, become a licenced conveyancer, and earn advanced standing should they wish to pursue further studies,” Associate Professor Heilpern said.

“There is a shortage of conveyancers in regional and rural New South Wales. The field is ripe with opportunity and this program will increase the supply of professionals, many of whom will be drawn from regional and rural areas.”

All units in the Diploma will be taught by law academics or practicing lawyers. Southern Cross University has been teaching conveyancing for more than 25 years.

Read more about the Diploma of Conveyancing (Law and Practice).

Why Jordan chose to study law at Southern Cross Uni

My name's Jordan Hansen and I'm studying the associate law degree.

I've wanted to study law since I was about 18.

When I left school though, I became a hairdresser. And now being a little bit older, I've decided
that I want to make that change and focus on a career in law.

The reason why I've chosen Southern Cross University is because there's such an amazing online structure for people that are working
full-time and want to study.

I love that I have the flexibility of studying online and I can come on campus.

And there is a vast majority of students that are mature age, international, it just really appealed to me.

So the Southern Cross term structure at the moment, I do a six week term.

So I do two classes a week and just having that online structure means that if something comes up, I have the accessibility to be able
to do my classes still while working.

So I work three to four days a week, uh, while studying full-time.

Being that it's six weeks, it makes you really want to stay on top of it, stay focused, and you go really hard for six weeks and then
you have a nice little break.

Southern Cross University has been really amazing.

I love the law degree lecturers.

They've been really welcoming and just giving that extra feedback when needed.

And as a result of that, I feel like I've been excelling, so I'm very happy about that.

The associate law degree offers me a pathway to obtain my bachelor.

So by the time I've finished the two years full-time in the associate law degree, I do eight months on top of that with the bachelor

So that way I get credited, I can obtain my bachelor at the end.

My dad was a solicitor.

I wanted to follow his footsteps and become a lawyer.

So just growing up and seeing how someone in my life has, um, had a successful career.

The law is such a, um, huge thing in our society now, and having the ability to know your rights and, um, be able to protect yourself and the people around you, is such a good quality.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this degree can take me.

Even being 32 and being a little bit older, it's never too late to go a different pathway.

I would recommend the associate degree, especially to people that have been in the workforce for a long time.

I haven't studied for 10-plus years, so coming into Southern Cross and knowing that there is that pathway that I can follow.

Uh, and also too, being a university where, there are mature-aged students as well, it allows you to feel a little bit more comfortable
coming back in.

So I definitely recommend this degree.

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