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Rethinking plastics in your business: SCU Buzz

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16 February 2024

Learn more about implementing sustainable practices and circular economy principles with the Going Circular: Rethinking Plastics in Your Business webinar, available now on SCU Buzz podcast.

With a focus on plastic waste in businesses and communities, the podcast explores how individuals can apply knowledge and tools to navigate the landscape of circular economy.

Southern Cross University Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Dr Owen Hogan, said plastic is embedded throughout our communities and major change is needed.

“Plastic is an amazing resource. It’s helped to advance society across many areas. But there is a significant challenge that comes with our love affair with plastic. It’s mostly made from fossil fuels and once we’re finished with it, we generally throw it away. It goes into landfill where it breaks down and harms the environment,” Dr Hogan said.

“We need to keep progressing towards much higher levels of circularity. We have to move away from our linear economic model where we take resources, make something with it then throw it away. How can we keep reusing resources?”

CEO of Circular Economy, Lisa McClean, said there is an urgent need to change business models.

“We need to be decoupling economic growth from the consumption of finite resources. We do that in three ways in a circular economy: design out waste and pollution, keep materials in the economy at their highest value for as long as possible and regenerate natural systems,” Ms McClean said.

Panellists included:

Dr Owen Hogan: Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and MBA Director, Southern Cross University

Bronwyn Voyce: Founder, Civic Futures Lab and the Great Plastic Rescue

Lisa McClean: CEO, Circular Australia

Luke McConell: Managing Director, Revolve Your World

Mitchell Jones: Senior Project Officer Partnerships, NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Presented by Southern Cross University in partnership with Civic Futures Lab and supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

Listen now on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.