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The importance of innovation and building skills for future workforces: SCU Buzz

A male and female student walking up stairs. Photo taken from above.


2 April 2024

How can students prepare for the workforce of the future? Course Coordinator of the Bachelor of Innovation with Honours at Southern Cross University, Dr Kerrie Stimpson, says innovative thinkers will have a critical advantage in an evolving world.

Speaking on SCU Buzz podcast, Dr Stimpson said innovation involves creating something new or making changes to something already established by introducing new methods, ideas or products.

“Innovation is about solving problems and doing it simply, resourcefully and cleverly. It involves creativity, experimentation and problem-solving to address challenges or meet needs in novel and effective ways,” Dr Stimpson said.

“Innovation stretches across all disciplines. Some might seem more obvious like technology, business and science but it also extends to disciplines like arts, education and the social sectors as well,” she said.

“It can exist in various forms such as product innovation, process innovation, service innovation and social innovation.”

Dr Stimpson said innovating has a profound impact across society, the economy and individual wellbeing.

“It’s important for a range of reasons such as economic growth through new products, services and industries; enhancing quality of life through innovations in healthcare, education and communication; and addressing environmental challenges through methods such as renewable energy, waste reduction and conservation,” Dr Stimpson said.

There are a number of skills essential to innovative thinking including problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and communication.

“A skill we know from industry partners is highly valued is effective communication, so that you can convey innovative ideas to others and have successful collaboration with diverse teams,” Dr Stimpson said.

“Innovative thinkers are in high demand and being able to work across disciplines and contexts will really give students an edge as they start their careers or continue to develop their skills in the workplace.”

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