Regenerative agriculture videos


Regenerative Ag Alliance

Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) was formed from the Farming Together Program with strong uptake from farmers, fisheries and foresters wanting to collaborate. (4:22)

Importance of soil health

Without a good soil we don't grow very many plants at all and without the plants animals and ourselves we don't exist. So it's critical that all of our health and well-being pretty much comes out of the soil. (4:09)

Impact of climate change and carbon

Understanding the vital role regenerative agriculture plays in restoring the health of our soils through holistic management. Carbon is central to linking soil health to human health and is the foundation of all energy. (7:13)

Education as vehicle of change

Southern Cross University has taken the lead in developing a regenerative agriculture course that will give students an understanding of ecology, a knowledge of themselves and of working within a community. (3:52) 

The value of eco systems

Farmers are deep thinkers and observers and understand their landscape better than anyone. Regenerative agriculture provides hope to balance production levels but allows us to rebuild ecosystems. (3:25)

Is our Environment at threat of collapse?

Charles Massy believes we are at an extraordinary time in the history of humanity and earth. Humans have destroyed forests, increased the size of deserts and reduced the size of agricultural land. (3:17) 

About the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Lorraine Gordon is the founder of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance (RAA) and Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University. Collaboration is absolutely the key to the regenerative agricultural movement. (1:02)