SCU Policy Library

Welcome to the Southern Cross University (SCU) Policy Library.

The Policy Library is the official and authoritative source of SCU's Governance Documentation.

The SCU Policy Library has been developed to provide easy access for students, staff and other stakeholders to current and past University-wide Rules, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines; to support an integrated and secure record of University governance documents; to promote prompt and timely review and consultation in the development of Rules, Policies and other documents; and to ensure that comments on documents under review can be made through online access facilities.

You are encouraged as a student, staff member or visitor of the University to familiarise yourself with the contents of the Policy Library prior to commencement of study, employment or visiting an SCU campus.

Please note

All documents found in the Policy Library have been authorised by the delegated authority of the University and are binding to the extent indicated on University staff and students. Additionally, visitors to SCU are bound by the Rules, Policies, Procedures and Guidelines found within the Policy Library.

Students and Staff at the Coffs Harbour Campus (CHEC) may be subject to additional Policies as determined by the CHEC Executive. Where such CHEC Policy is inconsistent with SCU Policy, CHEC Policy shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency for staff and students at the CHEC. Please refer to for more information.