Authorisations can be made for routine matters such as approving limited expenditure, casual pay claims, leave and attendance records. However, Delegates must refer to the Delegations Rule, record the authorisation using the appropriate *Authorisation form, and provide it to authorisations@scu.edu.au and servicedesk@scu.edu.au.

The power to delegate cannot be sub-delegated as is made clear in Section 17 of the Southern Cross University Act 1993 (NSW) where it states Council may delegate any power except its power of delegation.

In some circumstances, however, a person in whom a power is vested can authorise another person to exercise that power for and on his or her behalf. It is essential to note at the outset that a person exercising a power for and on behalf of another does so as the 'alter ego' of the person in whom the power is vested. That is, the act of the authorised person is, at law, the act of the person in whom the power is vested. This is fundamentally different to the act of a delegate which, at law, is the delegate's, and not the delegator's, act (Australian Government Solicitors - Delegations, authorisations and the Carltona Principle).

*(Please complete the authorisation form on your device by downloading. Attempting to complete the form in the browser will not work).