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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL).
Working in partnership with academic staff, Faculties and service areas, we support and cultivate innovative, evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching across the University. Our resources and service links have been collated in the sections below to support academics through the Design, Develop, Teach and Assess process. Further academic professional development opportunities and workshop recordings can be accessed through our Professional Learning section. Our services include:
  • whole-of-course curriculum design and mapping
  • educational design for units and modules
  • digital design, eLearning and educational technology integration
  • media production
  • teaching support
  • professional learning across a broad range of areas.

CTL Events

group of people meeting in person and online

Professional Learning

Engage with colleagues through the Teaching Technologies and Topic Focused workshops, Talking Teaching webinars, Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Symposium, New to Teaching @ SCU workshops, Foundations of University Teaching Practice (FUTP), Friday Free-for-all and Teaching Technologies Drop-In Sessions.

six people sitting along a bench surrounding a large poster of paper on the ground where they are drawing elements of curriculum design


Course design, curriculum design, unit design, teaching resources design, non-unit resources design and Graduate Attributes.

Teacher in front of three students pointing graphs and detail on a whiteboard


Academic Integrity, Engaging Students, Focus on Learning, Online Teaching and Learning, Technology Integration, Evaluate your Teaching, Teaching in the Blackboard Environment and New to Teaching.

yellow neutral, red unhappy and green smiley face drawings on a white page with highlighter pens, post-its and devices surrounding


Marking, Feedback and Grading, Designing assessments for learning, Rubrics, Turnitin, Types of Assessment, Designing an Assessment Scheme, Assessing Interaction and Participation of Blackboard Tools.

topagraphic view of people around a table collaborating on jobs displaying graphic elements for the development of media, interface design and apps


Teaching Resources, Non-unit resources, video, graphics, interactives, SCU internal promotions and support, using open educational resources.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Centre for Teaching and Learning Director, Administration, Academic Practice, Digital Technology, Digital Design and Projects teams.

young girl wearing a virtual reality headset with her hands in the air reaching out to touch

Showcase and Innovation

Video Gallery, Graphics Gallery, Online Gallery including Unit Warm-Up and concepts, Examples of Teaching Materials, 360 Development Projects and more innovation to come.

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I want to...

Here you can search our Knowledge Base resources and find further support for what you want to do.

Staff around a table discussing the SCU Model with educational and multimedia icons overlaying the scene

Teaching and Learning in the Southern Cross Model

The Southern Cross Model: an overview. Includes Key Features, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Student Feedback, Staff Experiences and Results and Professional Learning support and resources available to staff.

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Recordings for Talking Teaching webinars

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Recordings for Teaching Technologies workshops

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Recordings for Topic Focused workshops

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