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Why choose Early Childhood Education with Southern Cross?

Professional learning experience

Partake in 85 days of professional experience learning in early childhood education settings, including 10 days in a primary school setting.

Leading research

A cutting-edge course that draws on the University’s leading research in early childhood education and care.

Accredited Course

The course is accredited by ACECQA, the Australian accrediting authority for early childhood teacher programs.

I'm Dulari Gonawala, I work for Good Start Early Learning. I'm a teacher mentor for Victoria.  

So I migrated to Australia nearly 10 years ago.  I was a secondary teacher back in Sri Lanka, and when I came here my kids were very young. We came as skilled migrants. Because I already had my bachelor's back from Sri Lanka, I wanted to make use of it.  

So I did a bit of research. That's how I ended up doing the postgraduate diploma in early childhood education. So the main reason why I chose Southern Cross  

University was I was looking for a fully online course and also I wanted flexibility because I was working full-time, having two young children. When I graduated from Southern Cross University, I got recruited as early childhood  teacher straight away with Good Start, and then I was an educational leader,  and now I'm working as a teacher mentor.  

Recently I got a call and they said that I've won the national Excellence in Teaching Awards from early childhood category. Yeah, when I first heard, when I  received that phone call| it actually gave me  goosebumps, so I just stood up from my chair and yeah, I couldn't believe myself. So I was nominated because I've been doing a lot of STEM- related projects with  children, because science is my background, and also reconciliation-related activities. We've  established a Bush Tucker Garden in our centre, and we now share the Bush Tucker  products with the community.  

So my kids, they know that mom  has won something big. So yeah, I think they're, they're really proud of me.  

Since I enrolled in Southern Cross Uni, everybody who I met have been really supportive the enrolment officer, the lecturers, all the other  officers I met throughout the whole journey.  

Yeah, I'm looking at doing a Masters  in Education, whether it's something on  leadership. So once I decide that I think I'll do  it with Southern Cross University as well.

Every day is an opportunity

For early childhood educator Kelly Simpson, every day is an opportunity to capture children’s interest and teach them something new. Kelly is an early childhood teacher and director of a kindergarten centre in the rural Queensland town of Laidley. With children aged between three and five-years-old, Kelly says the formative years of their education are the most important. 

“They’re curious about how the big wide world works. And coming to kindergarten gives them a chance to connect to a world that’s bigger than their home and family. Research tells us that the first five years of a child’s life are really crucial from an education, learning and social point of view.”

A better way to learn

We’re always looking for a better way to do things. That’s why we’re delivering our courses in six-week terms.

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