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Indigenous cultural dancers at Coffs Harbour campus

Indigenous events at the University are organised by the Southern Cross University Indigenous Events Coordinating Committee (SCUIECC), a broadly inclusive group with membership open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff and the community.

Consultation occurs regularly within the University community (including staff and student groups) and with local Indigenous communities, Aboriginal Interagency Committees, Elders, schools and local government and non-government organisations.

Southern Cross University is located in a regional area and, in terms of its demographics, has high numbers of students from low socio-economic, mature age and Indigenous backgrounds. Combined, these factors produce both a scarcity of opportunities, when compared to a metropolitan centre, as well as a lack of resources to engage the arts and local Indigenous communities.

SCUIECC aims to develop the groundwork for a substantial cultural development program in a regional area with a large Indigenous population. By building and strengthening links between the University and the communities within its regional footprint, it seeks to create employment opportunities for local Indigenous artists and cultural workers, provide skill development for students and others through workshops, and build cultural capital and capacity in the wider community.

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