CPD for Lawyers and other professionals

Study an online short course to enhance your knowledge and earn Continuing Professional Development units.

Appropriate for any professional wanting to develop and enhance skills to maintain professional accreditation or to gain a competitive edge by ensuring skills are up to date with current professional standards.

About the short course

If you negotiate, or are interested in learning about negotiations, this class will provide you with useful tools, context and instruction to further your negotiation skills. Professor Finkelstein provides a practical framework combined with focused guidance and skills for understanding and conducting negotiations, achieving objectives, and creating successful outcomes. This is a practical skills class delivered using an experience-oriented teaching approach. 

This class will offer a unique opportunity to explore the key elements of negotiating business transactions and dispute resolutions. Integrating both legal and business concepts, participants will learn to analyse, strategize, and negotiate, as well as how to think both creatively and holistically about a negotiation.  Participants will explore the process of negotiation, starting with identifying the objectives and challenges of each party, and will consider how to assess, plan and conduct a negotiation.  A key emphasis will be the role of creative problem-solving in complex negotiations and working to achieve a mutually acceptable negotiated result. 

Through participation in this class, you will
  • Study the business and legal issues and strategies that impact transactional and Dispute settlement negotiations,
  • Gain insight into the dynamics of negotiating and structuring agreements,
  • Deepen your understanding of the lawyers role in negotiations, and
  • Obtain negotiating experience in a context that replicates practice.

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