"I witnessed a powerful momentum for change at the UN and I am hopeful I can advocate for women’s rights here from the Northern Rivers."

Angela Powditch

Bachelor of Laws (Honours) graduate

Welcome to the Faculty of Business, Law and Arts

Business with purpose, law with a difference and creative arts that truly inspire – three dynamic disciplines of the University under one roof. Our cohabitation has many advantages. We are able to approach a range of issues from completely different perspectives, not only within the Faculty but across the University.

We can combine our business acumen with a mission to deliver better healthcare, our legal expertise with ambitious engineering, our creative production with IT, education or sustainable living.

We are deeply invested in solving regional problems such as the creation of employment, the development of local industries, the protection of our communities and the enrichment of our cultural lives. The strong foundation of this purpose nurtures students as global citizens, with the skills and potential to contribute not only to their local communities but to human enterprise worldwide.

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I'm always trying to just find better ways to do things. My full-time job that I do now is in the tech industry which is all about innovation so it kind of just made sense that that's what I would fall into. Hi, my name is Brighley Dangerfield.

I'm studying the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise and majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation. So, the reason I started studying business was just because I felt like it was a degree that I could really take anywhere and implement into any workplace. The biggest skill that I've learned since studying is the importance of communication. I think I always had decent communication skills but this has really helped just tidy that up and not even just in, you know, human interaction. I think, you know, the importance of being able to write an email or formal letters or anything like that. I've definitely felt supported in my my studies here.

I think any time that I've needed to reach out to someone I've been able to get an answer of, you know, where I need to go or who I need to speak with or what I need to do. There's still a lot of opportunity with your Northern Rivers regions. So much of it I do feel is community based as well so just tapping into that local fill, community feel of what where is your community hurting? Or where do they where do they need their help to bring them up to speed with everything else so they don't feel left behind. There's so many ways that you can spot opportunities.

There's opportunities in smaller regions that, you know, the places like Brisbane aren't ever going to experience so there's a real market that they can tap into there. It's an exciting field to be working in and I feel like the content's, you know, really relevant and updated to where you need to be working in and where you need to build your skills in this day and age as well. I would recommend that anyone study the Bachelor of Business and Enterprise majoring in your entrepreneurship and innovation. It's something that you can take anywhere with you, whatever business or whatever field you go into or if it's your own business. You're going to learn invaluable skills.

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