School of Law and Justice Workshops

The School of Law and Justice offers a number of workshops to provide students studying online the opportunity to attend on-campus classes and to meet staff and other students.

Workshops may be compulsory and therefore must be attended as a requirement of a unit of study or non-compulsory, however, highly recommended as a learning experience for a particular unit of study.


If you need assistance with the workshop sessions or you have any questions, please contact

Bachelor of Laws Workshop Program

Compulsory Workshops

The workshop program is compulsory as learning experiences and skill required at an LLB level cannot be taught effectively solely online.

These learning experiences include critical analysis and familiarity with legal theory at an LLB level, the stimulation of social critique, the ability to develop legal argument, and the ability to communicate effectively in a range of communication modes, particularly oral communication skills as applied in advocacy, moots (practice court), negotiation and mediation.

There are two compulsory workshops attached to the Bachelor of Laws and students must attend these workshops to pass the course.

The workshops are attached to the following units:

LAW00111 Legal Process (Session 1, 2020)

This is an introductory workshop that students enrolled in LAW00111 Legal Process must attend.
Venue Gold Coast
Rooms Building C, Room C1.06
Dates and Times Saturday 7 March (9.00am - 5.00pm, compulsory)
Workshop Program  
Unit Assessor Aidan Ricketts


LAW00519 Professional Conduct (Session 2, 2020)

This compulsory on-campus workshop will be replaced with online class activities and details will be provided at the beginning of the session. Students must attend this workshop when they are enrolled in LAW00519 Professional Conduct which is normally in the final year of study.

Venue: Gold Coast campus
Rooms Building C (Rooms TBC)
Date Wednesday 5 August – Saturday 8 August inclusive
(students enrolled on campus are not required to attend on the Saturday)
Time TBC
Program To be provided
Unit Assessor Jennifer Nielsen

Compulsory Workshops attached to electives

A number of electives have mandatory workshops as the learning outcomes and skills required for the unit cannot be taught effectively online.

LAW00057 Conveyancing Law (Session 1, 2020)

Students enrolled in LAW00057 Conveyancing Law must attend this compulsory workshop and students are required to download the Part C Readings and take them to the workshop as these documents will be discussed throughout the day.

Venue: Gold Coast campus

Venue: Sydney, Australian Catholic University (TBC)

Building C, Room C1.06

Date and times
Saturday 28 March, 2020 (9.25am - 4pm)  (NSW Law)
Sunday 29 March, 2020 (9.25am - 4pm)   (QLD Law)


Unit Assessor
Kristy McLeod

8-10 Berry Street (Champagnat House), North Sydney (TBC)
Room: TBC

Date and times
Sunday 5 April 2020   (9.25am - 4pm)   (NSW Law)

Workshop program

Unit Assessor
Kristy McLeod


LAW00214 Mediation and Dispute Resolution (Session 1, 2020) 

Students enrolled in LAW00214 Mediation and Dispute Resolution must attend this compulsory workshop.

Venue Gold Coast campus
Rooms Building C, Room C1.06
Dates and Times Saturday 4 April (9am – 5pm)
Workshop Program To be provided
Unit Assessor Bee Chen Goh


LAW10181 Legal Research: Context, Method and Perspective (Session 1, 2020)

Honours students in law must complete two units of study in their Honours year. The first unit, LAW10181 Legal Research: Context, Method and Perspective, is offered only in Session 1 each year. The unit requires attendance at a compulsory 1-day Workshop, which will be held at the Gold Coast SCU campus. Attendance at this workshop is compulsory unless an exemption is granted by the School's Director of the Honours program contacts.

Venue Gold Coast campus
Rooms Building C, Room C1.06
Date and times Saturday 7 March (9am - 5pm)
Workshop program To be provided
NOTE - Students unable to attend a compulsory workshop should withdraw from the unit and re-enrol when they are able to attend.


LAW00216 Mediation Practice and Procedure (Session 2, 2020) 

Students enrolled in LAW00216 Mediation Practice and Procedure must attend this compulsory workshop.

Venue Online
Rooms N/a
Date and times 18, 19 and 20 September 2020
Workshop program To be provided.
Unit Assessor Lisa Frisken

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