Faculty of Education Awards for Excellence and Recognition

The Faculty of Education Awards for Excellence and Recognition include the Dean’s Honours List for students, SAGE Award for Service, Professional Staff Awards, Research Awards and Teaching & Learning Awards to celebrate the diverse individual and collective achievements that contribute to the realisation of the Faculty of Education’s Mission, Vision and Objectives (MVO). Award recipients are listed here in recognition for their outstanding contribution to the Faculty of Education.

The awards were presented during our annual awards night, 26th November 2021, to honour each outstanding staff and student. Congratulations to previous award and recognition recipients and good luck to all Faculty of Education members as you work towards your goals.

View the recording of the 2021 Faculty of Education Awards Night here

This year's awards ceremony will be held on Friday, 25 November 2022. 

2021 Faculty of Education Award Winners

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Simon Brown

Faculty Manager

The Professional Staff Award for Service recognises professional staff who go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, or to ensure continuity in extraordinary circumstances, to colleagues and/or students.

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Penny Bredenkamp

Executive Assistant

The Professional Staff Award for Innovation and Improvement recognises professional staff for implementing change/s to our practices that have had a positive impact.

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Patrick Bruck

Associate Lecturer

Winner determined by teaching feedback metrics - the highest mean student feedback across all sessions/terms for the last 12-month period.

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Associate Professor Wendy Boyd

Associate Dean (Education)

Determined by the most number of registered HERDC publications, successful external grants and HDR completions.

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Professor Lexi Lasczik

Associate Dean (Research)

Determined by student nominations reviewed by a panel including the Dean of Education, other senior academic Faculty of Education staff and an external senior academic member.

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Associate Professor Wendy Boyd

Associate Dean (Education)

Best ERA eligible publication by a staff member as determined by the Faculty's Research Committee.

“Attracting, retaining and sustaining early childhood teachers: an ecological conceptualisation of workforce issues and future research directions” published in Australian Educational Researcher by Fenech, M., Wong, S., Boyd, W., Gibson, M., Watt, H., Richardson, P. 

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Dr Maia Osborn

Research Assistant

Determined by the most number of registered HERDC publications, successful external grants and HDR completions.

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Megan Kelly

Associate Lecturer

Best ERA eligible publication by a Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidate as determined by the Faculty's Research Committee.

“Student Retention in Higher Education: Why Students Choose to Remain at University” published in Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory and Practice by Nieuwoudt, J.E. & Pedler, M.L.

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Commendation for Teaching Excellence

This award is determined by teaching feedback metrics, being the second and third highest mean student feedback across all sessions/terms for the last 12-month period.

  • Jenna Warne (Casual Academic - Teaching)
  • Richard Waters (Casual Academic - Teaching)

SAGE Award for Service

This award acknowledges the service of the Student Advisory Group for Education (SAGE) leadership team in their efforts to form a diverse and passionate community of students.

  • Angela Ashcroft (President)
  • Christina Bijkerk (Vice President)
  • Kurt Breed (Secretary)

Dean's Honours List

Undergraduate and postgraduate students with a GPA average of 6.5 or above are added to the Dean's Honours List. Undergraduate and postgraduate students must have completed at least four units or two double-weighted coursework units (48 credit points) over a one-year period to be eligible for this highly competitive and prestigious award (from July 2020 to June 2021). For further details on the upcoming 2022 Dean's Honours List criteria, visit Deans Honours List Awards Criteria 2022.

 Doctor of Education

  • Tahlia McGahey
  • Francis Mason
  • Deborah Johnson
  • Phillips Chambers

 Master of Education

  • Teagan Kujat
  • Lauren Frankham
  • Patrick Donnelly
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Sarah Mau
  • Martine Gill
  • Emily McCredden
  • Kylie McCaffrey

 Master of Teaching

  • Kristle Kwok

 Bachelor of Education (Honours)

  • Peita Bates

 Bachelor of Arts /Bachelor of Education (Primary/ Secondary)

  • Ebony-Rae Devine
  • Taylor Slattery
  • Jarrod Taylor
  • Sharna Lloyd
  • Colleen Gardener
  • Emily Opazo
  • Maddison Devine
  • Sophie Tory
  • Taylah Gilbert

 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary)

  • Ebony Aston
  • Karen Hill
  • Georgia Whitford
  • Angela Ashcroft
  • Matthew Scott
  • Alexandra Anderson
  • Bianca Low
  • Tahni Sulendra
  • Annette McCormick
  • Natasha MacArthur
  • Vashti Seymour
  • Nicole Paton
  • Jasmin McGregor
  • Hannah Young
  • Sally Morrigan
  • Jenna Dobeson
  • Jane Venter
  • Kelly Brown
  • Samantha Darnley-Stuart
  • Brianna Henry
  • Lucy Collier
  • Ainsleigh Dale

 Bachelor of Technology/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

  • Christopher Eastman
  • Hayden Goldstraw
  • Grace Forrester
  • Ebanie-Jayne Green
  • Kimberley Kinred
  • Eliza Cowell
  • Jessica Lawson

 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

  • Angela Ashcroft
  • Brett Anderson
  • Hayden Goldstraw
  • Vickie Stokes
  • Kiran Heckrotte
  • Ashleigh Larrescy
  • Michelle McLeod
  • Jenny Morey
  • Sarah-Jane Read
  • Amber Clarke
  • Katie Wainwright
  • Elise Hill
  • Ellen King
  • Meisha Grant

 Graduate Certificate in Education (Early Childhood)

  • Sophie Bakhuys

 Graduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood)

  • Cassandra Martin
  • Karen Corden
  • Maria Ting
  • Alice Walton
  • Emily McLoughlin
  • Fiona Witheridge
  • Heidi Atkins
  • Eva-Maria Bobbert
  • Hooi Ming Wong
  • Kelly Simpson
  • Abigail Jagoe
  • Sunshine Morton

 Certificate in Education

  • Chantelle Duke
  • Trisha Makepeace

 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood

  • Josie Hockey
  • Brie Hancock
  • Rachel Townson
  • Alana Novy
  • Samantha Rauch
  • Skye Kelly

Image: SAGE Award for Service winners Christina Bijerk (left), Angela Ashcroft (right) and Kurt Breed (absent).

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