The Impact Forum: Circular Economy

Impact Forum

Taking place in May 2023, the first Southern Cross University Impact Forum brought together leading voices to accelerate the development and adoption of circular economy solutions and facilitate new industry connections for businesses.

Through keynote presentations, practical workshops, in-conversation sessions and deep dive sessions; topics included the national state of circularity, the role of technology in designing for circularity, barriers and technical solutions to creating a local circular economy, navigating policy, legislation and funding, the business of waste; as well as Southern Cross University programs and research.

Portrait of keynote speaker Linda Godfrey

Keynote speaker 

Professor Linda Godfrey

Professor Linda Godfrey is a Principal Scientist at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Extraordinary Professor at North-West University, South Africa, and holds a PhD in Engineering. With over 20 years of sector experience, she manages the Science, Technology and Innovation for a Circular Economy (STI4CE) and the Waste Research Development and Innovation Roadmap Implementation Units on behalf of the South African Government. She has provided strategic input to a number of local, regional and international waste and circular economy initiatives for the United Nations, European Union, World Bank, South African Government, Academy of Sciences, International Solid Waste Association, universities and businesses. She lectures internationally on solid waste management in developing countries, including the social, economic and environmental opportunities of waste within a circular economy and has published extensively in the field.

Impact Forum: Circular Economy highlights

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Recirculator Program

The ReCirculator program is a $2 million Federal Government-funded initiative forming part of the Strategic University Reform Fund (SURF).

Designed to act as an independent broker, ReCirculator supports information exchange, cutting-edge research and technology implementation to accelerate the adoption of circular economies in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW.

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Zero Waste Research Cluster

The ZeroWaste research cluster brings together the University’s significant research expertise in geochemistry, environmental science, engineering, business and education to develop solutions for our global waste problem.

Our research addresses the barriers associated with integrating waste into the circular economy, developing and implementing cutting-edge scientific, technical, social, economic and educational solutions.

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