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Southern Cross University’s Ally Network is a university-wide commitment to the inclusion, success and celebration of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ+) students and colleagues. We believe that students and staff should be able to bring their whole selves to their study and work. Each Ally contributes to raising LGBTIQ+ awareness at the University by making support for gender and sexuality diversity visible and, if necessary, challenging homophobic and transphobic attitudes and behaviours.

An Ally is a point of contact for a student or staff member who may have a query or concern about a matter relating to their gender identity or sexuality diversity. Students or staff members who wish to discuss a matter may contact an Ally of their choice (please see list below). Allies are staff members of the University, with a genuine commitment to the principles of equality and social justice, who volunteer to take on this role.

Role of Ally

An Ally is a staff member (academic or professional) with an understanding of the difficulties and discrimination faced by LGBTIQ+ people and who wishes to act as an advocate for a University free from harassment or discrimination based on a person’s sexuality or gender identity.

Although an Ally may not identify as LGBTIQ+, they actively support inclusiveness and equality at the University by;

  • helping to coordinate and/or attending LGBTIQ+ events at the University,
  • displaying LGBTIQ+ affirming material in their workplace,
  • assisting LGBTIQ+ students and staff with matters they wish to discuss,
  • maintaining strict confidentiality whilst dealing with enquiries, and
  • confidentially providing data and information regarding any enquiries to the Ally Network Coordinator.

Why an Ally is important

It takes courage for LGBTIQ+ people to advocate for their equality because, by disclosing their sexual orientation or gender identity, they may attract condemnation, discrimination or even violence. Hence, Allies are crucial to achieving substantive change.

We asked members of the Ally Network why they think being an Ally is important. See their responses in the Ally Network Gallery.

Contact an Ally

Anita Loneragan
Marketing Manager, Lismore & External Students Association (LEXSA)
02 6626 9527

Ann-Maree Wilkinson
Student Experience Assistant, Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students)
02 6620 3889

Ben Cummings
Technical and Laboratory Officer, Faculty of Science & Engineering
02 6626 9414

Briony Leonard
Student Safety Support & Wellbeing Coordinator, Student Outreach
02 6626 9643

Carlie Daley
Librarian, University Library
02 66203538

Cathy Burton
Equity and Inclusion Support Officer, Student Equity & Inclusion
02 6620 3419

Curt Williams
Infrastructure Administrator, Technology Services
02 6620 3346

Debra Johnston
Operations Manager, Lismore & External Students Association (LEXSA)
02 6626 9527

Helen Coleman
Senior Manager - Student Outreach
02 6620 3428

Jay Anderson
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Engineering
0429 685 724

Jeanti St Clair
Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Law and Arts
02 6620 3126

Jenny Luethi
Librarian, University Library

Julia Watson
HR Business Partner/HR Advisor, HR Services
02 6620 3178

Johanna Constable
Student Advisor - Student Administration Services
02 6626 9260

Kara Morris
Team leader – Infrastructure, Technology Services
02 6626 9138

Katie McDonough 
Learning & Organisational Development Coordinator, HR Services
02 6626 9386

Kim McDonogh
Administration Officer, Student Equity & Inclusion
02 6620 3422

Meaghan Vosz
Faculty of Health

Michael Moynihan
Senior Technical and Laboratory Officer, Faculty of Business, Law and Arts
02 6626 3919

Romy Lauche
Deputy Director, Research, National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine
02 6620 3362

Rosalind Beavers
Lecturer (Teaching Scholar), Faculty of Health
02 6620 3499

Shae Brown
Casual Academic (Teaching), Faculty of Education
02 6626 9232

Shelley Barfoot
Technology Facilitator, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Simon Gibson
Application Delivery & Support Coordinator, Technology Services
02 6626 9342

Tanya St Clair Honey
Manager, Client Services, University Library
02 6620 3715

Teri King
Senior Manager, Student Care & Support
0409 745 287

Victoria Drury
Manager, Student Equity & Inclusion
02 6626 9201

Cintamani Brown
Librarian, University Library
07 5589 3079

Erika Kerruish
Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Law & Arts
07 5589 3172

Kachina Allen
Lecturer, Faculty of Health
07 5589 3461

Kendal Dorney
Marketing & Events Manager, CoastRs student association
07 5589 3072

Kitty Foley
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health
07 5589 3385

Laura Carnovale
Student Administration Officer, Shared Services Hub, Student Administration Services
07 5589 3033

Marin Simpson
Librarian, University Library
07 5589 3170

Megan Lee
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education
0415 643 743

Penny Leonard
Project Manager, Student Engagement and Campus Re-activation
Office of Vice President (Students) and Registrar
07 5589 3247

Prue Berry
Faculty Manager, Faculty of Health
0417 769 201

Renee Parker
Curriculum & Accreditation Coordinator, Faculty of Health
07 5589 3260

Talli Allen
Librarian, University Library
02 6620 3725

Tim Magoffin
Educational Designer, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Desiree Kozlowksi
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health
02 6659 3655

Jimzeena Le Cerf
Ally Network Coordinator, Student Equity & Inclusion
02 6659 3643

Jo Munn
Senior Lecturer, Centre for Teaching and Learning
02 6659 3323

Lisa Siegel
Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Education
02 6659 8014

Mandy Atkinson
Student Administration Officer, Shared Services Hub, Student Administration Services
02 6659 3630

Melissa Jurd
Librarian, University Library
02 6659 3226

Mitchell Longstaff
Lecturer, Faculty of Health

Renee Nuske
Library Technician, SCU Library
02 6659 3237

Robbie MacFarlane
Manager, Technical Services, University Library
02 6659 3230

Skye Ravenscroft
Librarian, University Library
02 6648 3297  

Paul Whitelaw
Academic Director, Hotel School Partnership


Prior to commencing in the Ally role, staff are required to participate in a professional development training program coordinated by Student Equity and Inclusion, including;

  • EO Online,
  • Understanding Gender & Sexuality Diversity

Allies are recruited and trained on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Professional Development

Ally network members are encouraged to get involved in the organising and facilitation of significant LGBTIQ+ events at their respective campuses. This provides them with opportunities to meet with LGBTIQ+ students, staff and community members.

An annual review meeting, facilitated by Student Equity and Inclusion, provides Ally Network members with the opportunity to share best practice, provide feedback, participate in skills enhancement activities and keep informed about current policy developments, legislative considerations and available resources.


Confidentiality in conducting the Ally role and adherence to University policies and procedures is strictly observed. The name of any person(s) directly involved in matters discussed with an Ally is not divulged to any person(s) beyond the relevant Ally and others nominated in relevant policies and procedures.

Further Information

For any enquiries regarding the Ally Network please contact Jimzeena LeCerf