Inclusive University

Diversity Celebrations at Gold Coast campusSouthern Cross University is committed to being an inclusive and culturally safe work and study environment that values, supports, benefits from and includes the diversity of its people and communities.

The Student Equity and Inclusion Office provides diversity and inclusion leadership by;

  • consulting with the University community to progress and promote cultural safety and inclusion,
  • developing programs, activities, events, resources and materials to support diversity and inclusion, and
  • facilitating the delivery of staff professional development opportunities including; Courageous Conversations About Race workshops, Understanding Gender & Sexuality Diversity workshops and related Cultural Competency initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion

The University acknowledges and values the diversity of our students, staff and communities.

Throughout the year, in a variety of ways, the University and wider communities join together to celebrate our diversity and to learn more about each other. This includes observance of significant national Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander events, events relating to cultural and linguistic diversity and gender and sexuality diversity events.

The University's Diversity Calendar provides details of what's planned each year. You are encouraged to attend these events. Most are free of charge and open to the public.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Southern Cross University acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which its campuses are located and pays respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

The University is committed to ensuring equality of access, participation and success for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff. This is reflected in the University's Equity and Diversity Plan.

Significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural events are acknowledged at the University as part of the University's Diversity's Calendar.

The University, through Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that are delivered on-campus and by distance education.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are studying at the University can access advice and support through Indigenous Australian Student Services.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Educational institutions are places where students can learn to interact, socialise and work respectfully with people from diverse backgrounds. Southern Cross University is committed to being an inclusive and culturally safe work and study environment that values, supports and benefits from the diversity of its communities.

The University's Strategic Plan includes in its Mission Statement:

  • We equip our students to live a life they value and to be effective global citizens. We do this by creating inspirational and engaged learning experiences by staff who actively practise scholarship.
  • We extend internationally recognised educational opportunities for our diverse student body, including those from rural and regional communities.
  • We create and apply knowledge in partnership with our communities in fields that are regionally relevant and globally significant.

Gender and Sexuality Diversity

Southern Cross University is committed to providing a work and learning environment free from harassment and discrimination which embraces and supports an understanding of and respect for diversity.

The University acknowledges and actively supports lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ+) staff and students.

Student Equity & Inclusion engages with LGBTIQ+ communities and external organisations on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex issues, particularly in relation to the student experience.

The Southern Cross University Enterprise Agreement includes "same sex partner" in its definition of family, for the purposes of an employee's leave entitlements.

Student Equity & Inclusion facilitates training for staff to enhance their understandings and abilities to work successfully with LGBTIQ+ students and colleagues.

LGBTIQ+ students and staff are supported by an Ally Network at the University.