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A pair of researchers and some research equipment for Recirculator research project.

At Southern Cross University we are passionate about applying our strengths to make a real difference.

Our commitment extends across a revolutionary learning model and our impactful research to include the use of our facilities and campuses to enable collaboration for impact and mutual benefit.

We appreciate that navigating universities can be challenging. At Southern Cross University our size is a distinct advantage, and we take a hands-on approach to facilitating the connection you need to take your ideas further.

To hear more about how you can connect to our expertise, capabilities or facilities, or how you can collaborate with us to develop solutions and address challenges within your organisation, connect with us today.

Mr Ben Roche BSc(Hons)(UNSW), MEd(UTS) Vice President (Engagement)

“Our approach is grounded in our values, as it is through our collective efforts that we will transform tomorrow.”

Whatever stage you are at on your journey, we can connect you with:

Research Expertise

Southern Cross is one of Australia’s most research-intensive universities. Our researchers are making an impact locally, regionally and globally.

Research Impact Clusters

Research Impact Clusters bring together researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds to conduct excellent, engaged, and impactful research.

Education and Training

We offer diverse education and training opportunities, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional development programs.

Facilities and Venues

We have state-of-the-art facilities including modern lecture halls, hybrid classrooms, function and event spaces, outdoor sports fields and gyms.


Our advanced accredited commercial research laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools offering a range of services.

Work Integrated Learning and Placements

We facilitate industry-based learning that equips students with practical experience and connections through internships, placements, and projects.

Student Employment

Talk to us about opportunities in your organisation or business for student employment, from casual, part-time and paid internships.


We co-invest in programs that align with our purpose and values for impact.

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