Our mission is to contribute meaningful solutions to healthcare needs through naturopathic education, research, and advocacy, in communities throughout Australia and worldwide.

The National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine views the health of patients through a naturopathic prism, with a core focus on advancement of naturopathic research and education, as well as the naturopathic profession itself. Education, Research and Advocacy are the core pillars of the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, with all pillars being of equal importance. We aim to create and advocate a strong culture of incorporating holistic principles and evidence-based science into all aspects of healthcare education and practice.

The Centre is led by Professor Jon Wardle, a highly accomplished expert in public health and integrative medicine research and policy. Jon brings together a vast array of expertise in the team of internationally-recognised scholars who are not just leaders in their unique fields of research, but are also leading health researchers in their own right. With a truly multidisciplinary faculty, our team is dedicated to delivering translational outcomes.


“We not only define new standards of naturopathic education and research, but enrich practice, professional standing, and empower future leaders in healthcare.”

Our priorities

From patients to the population

To create an elevated standard of health care to achieve better health outcomes for all

Profession and practice

To prepare and support a naturopathic, integrative and lifestyle medicine workforce with competency and capability

Profile and prominence

To build credibility, respect and recognition for naturopathic, integrative and lifestyle medicine professions

Our programs of research

To conduct innovative and rigorous research that provides translational, real-world outcomes