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Meet our team

The National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is led by Professor Jon Wardle, Foundation Director and Maurice Blackmore Chair of Naturopathic Medicine. He is a highly accomplished researcher actively involved in research and policy in public health and integrative medicine.

The academic leadership team comprises expert researchers who are not just leaders in naturopathic research, but are also leading health researchers in their own right.

Jon headshot

Professor Jon Wardle

Foundation Director and Maurice Blackmore Chair of Naturopathic Medicine, Professor of Public Health

Professor Jon Wardle has qualifications in nursing, naturopathic medicine and postgraduate qualifications in public health, law and health economics. Jon is a highly accomplished researcher, who has worked on integrative medicine, public health and primary healthcare policy and regulatory initiatives with governments, non-government organisations and international bodies. He is passionate about protecting and embracing traditional knowledge and fostering innovative research.

Romy headshot

Associate Professor Romy Lauche

Deputy Director, Research

Romy has a background and qualifications in psychology and a PhD in medical sciences. She has received comprehensive training in research methodology and has extensive experience in clinical and non-clinical research, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, mixed-methods research and statistical analyses of large population health datasets. Romy is researching the use and efficacy of naturopathic modalities as well as projects exploring yoga, Tai Chi and self-care in the context of chronic illness.


Associate Professor Matthew Leach

Deputy Director, Education

Associate Professor Matthew Leach is a registered nurse and naturopath and is driving excellence in naturopathic medicine, lifestyle medicine and integrative medicine education to advance the field of naturopathy, to champion integrative health, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. Matthew is a highly accomplished researcher and has built an international reputation in health services research.

Janet headshot

Dr Janet Schloss

Clinical Research Fellow and Lecturer

Dr Janet Schloss is an accomplished researcher with extensive experience in coordinating clinical trials. In addition to her academic career, Janet is also a practicing clinical nutritionist and naturopath with over 20 years’ experience. Janet has completed a number of ground-breaking studies and through her critical and rigorous research, she helps patients and practitioners to establish evidence-based practice.

Andrea Bugarcic standing outside

Dr Andrea Bugarcic

Course Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in Naturopathic Medicine

Dr Andrea Bugarcic has a PhD in Molecular Virology from the University of Auckland, as well as Bachelor and Master level science degrees and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. Andrea has a strong commitment to building positive outcomes for the naturopathic profession by furthering education and research opportunities for students, as well as contributing her own meaningful research outcomes.

Alana headshot

Dr Alana Gall

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Alana Gall is a Pakana (Tasmanian Aboriginal) woman from the north-east coast of lutruwita (Tasmania), and more recently, the Bass Strait Islands of Cape Barren and Flinders Island. She is developing a research program that will centre around First Nations Australians traditional medicines and healing practices, aiming to protect and preserve these medicines for future generations, and improve accessibility for all First Nations communities across Australia.

John Stevens profile picture

Associate Professor John Stevens

Course Coordinator and Lecturer in Lifestyle Medicine

Associate Professor John Stevens a health sociologist, a registered nurse, a founding member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and director of a number of companies engaged in health education and research, and works closely with Primary Health Networks.

Rebecca Redmond headshot

Rebecca Redmond

Course Coordinator and Associate Lecturer in Naturopathic Medicine

Rebecca Redmond is a qualified naturopath and a current Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Rebecca has a background in research administration, governance, and management and has research interests in women’s health, primarily endometriosis, as well as traditional naturopathic evidence.

Dr Liza Oates

Dr Liza Oates

Lecturer and Adjunct Fellow

Dr Liza Oates is a qualified naturopath with postgraduate qualifications in evidence-based complementary medicine, teaching and learning and a PhD in the health and wellness benefits of organic diets. She is passionate about the role of food in health and the importance of individualised approaches that recognise the impact of lifestyle, values and culture.

Gareth Vanderhope profile

Gareth Vanderhope

Teaching Scholar

Gareth Vanderhope is a qualified naturopath and accredited practicing dietician with over 14 years of combined clinical experience. He is an experienced health educator with a focus on nutritional medicine, dietary planning, advanced nutrition, public health nutrition, and health promotion.

Carrie Thomson-Casey profile photo

Carrie Thomson-Casey

Lecturer in Psychology

Carrie is a clinical psychologist with qualifications in naturopathy and nutrition. Carrie’s research focuses on integrative mental health interventions, like nutrition and herbal medicine, to improve mental health outcomes.

Peter James

Dr Peter Bai James

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Peter Bai James has a background in pharmacology with wide-spanning experience across drug research and development, drug regulation, traditional and complementary medicine, public health, and health services research. Peter has postgraduate qualifications in ethnopharmacology and public health. His doctoral research looked at healthcare service utilisation, including the use of traditional and complementary medicine among Ebola survivors suffering from post-infectious complications.

Jessica Bayes headshot

Dr Jessica Bayes

Maurice Blackmore Research Fellow

Dr Jessica Bayes is a clinical nutritionist and researcher who has worked extensively in the health and wellness industry for the past ten years. She is continuing her work in nutritional psychiatry and is developing a program of research that will centre around diet and mental health, aiming to support vulnerable populations with a "food as medicine" approach.