Research Futures Scholarship Program

8 January – 16 February 2024

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Do you want to learn more about higher degrees by research?

Gain first-hand research experience and develop valuable field and/or laboratory skills during a six-week research project with the Research Futures Scholarship Program.

With a commitment to expanding knowledge and understanding of traditional, complementary and integrative medicine through rigorous, high-quality research, the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine is offering this unique opportunity to support the next generation of researchers.

NCNM has partnered with academics from other faculties to expand the scope of the research projects. All research mentors have extensive experience in conducting and publishing research and will provide ongoing supervisory support to each student. If you are interested in pursuing a higher degree by research (HDR) in the future, this program will provide unique insight and pathways to further your postgraduate research studies.

Maryann Adams

“The thing I am probably most excited to have learnt on this journey… is that research is something I definitely have a passion for and will continue to pursue throughout my career.”

The scholarship component will support students through a stipend living allowance of $300 per week over the six-week duration of the project.

RFSP Students

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Receive a scholarship to the value of $1800*

  • Build industry connections and develop your research skillset
  • Gain first-hand research experience
  • Develop valuable field and/or laboratory skills during the six-week project
  • Elevate your critical thinking skills and research presentation knowledge


* Subject to terms and conditions, applications close on 13 November 2023.

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs below or email NCNM Research.

How to apply

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Projects are on offer for a wide range of disciplines, from naturopathy to science, nursing or midwifery. Please review the list of projects on offer to choose your passion project(s).

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Next steps

Once you have selected your passion project(s), download the Research Futures Scholarship Program application form, obtain your academic transcript and submit your application by the deadline of 13 November 2023.

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“I feel privileged and so grateful for the experience of the Research Futures Scholarship Program, and I know I will draw on the experience in the final years of my degree and future professional practice.”

Catherine Graeme Cook

Frequently Asked Question

It all comes down to the type of research project you will be working on. Systematic reviews, or other desk-based research can mostly be done online. However, If the project requires you to be in a specific location, then this will be mentioned in the project description or at the selection interview and will include information about the frequency of face-to-face contact. Finally, when it comes to when and where you meet with your supervisors or other team members, that's something you can discuss and work out together.

The level of commitment required is the same as what you'd expect for full-time study to ensure sufficient progress can be made on the project. The good news is that the hours are pretty flexible; it's not necessarily a strict 9-to-5 schedule. Usually, you and your supervisors will discuss and agree on the specific hours that work best for you. If you have other major commitments like an internship or a full-time job, then the RFSP might not be the right fit for you. It is important to know that if insufficient progress is made on the project, the scholarship can be cancelled. For further information refer to the terms and conditions.

In most cases, you won't need to be on campus for your projects. However, if you decide to work on a project that relies on specific places, like labs or certain facilities, you might need to be there in person. Whether you need to be on campus or not, and which campus you should go to, will be outlined in the project description and at the selection interview.

Yes, at the time of application and award you need to be enrolled in an undergraduate degree with Southern Cross University. If your degree finishes in term 5, you can still participate in the scholarship program during the summer term.

That depends. If you are an international student, you can participate if you are a resident in Australia at the time of application or if you can demonstrate that you hold a relevant visa that permits you to enter/stay in Australia during the scholarship program. If you study online only, i.e., you are not eligible to enter/stay in Australia, unfortunately, you would not be eligible to participate.

Yes, you are eligible if you are still enrolled at SCU at the time of award of the scholarship.

Yes, you're still welcome to apply, however it's important to note that the program is designed to encourage students to explore a research-oriented path. Since you're already enrolled in the Honours program, which indicates your interest in research, you might find the program to be less beneficial for you compared to those who are newer to research. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to submit your application if you're interested!

The time it takes to complete a project can vary. For instance, a systematic review might wrap up in about 6 weeks, but it could take longer depending on the project's topic and the amount of research material involved. Although the program itself lasts for 6 weeks, most supervisors are open to allowing students to finish the project even beyond that period, such as by publishing their findings at their own pace. This arrangement can be discussed and agreed upon between the supervisor and the student. It's important to remember that the scholarship specifically covers the 6-week program period, and there's no obligation to continue afterward. However, some past scholarship recipients have chosen to keep working on their projects and have even gone on to publish their research.

We get that life can throw curveballs, and sometimes things are out of your control. If, for any reason, you can't continue with the program, we do have the right to cancel the scholarship. In situations like this it is important to connect to your supervisors, and the team at NCNM to discuss the circumstances, and potential solutions.

The scholarship includes 6 weeks of $300 per week (paid fortnightly), so $1,800 in total. It is important to note that scholarship payments could be considered exempt income, meaning they may not be subject to taxes. However, we strongly advise seeking financial advice before enrolling in the program to ensure you have a clear understanding of the tax implications.

The program is not accredited, as such it is unlikely that you will receive advanced standing, an exemption to study research units, or have it count as prior learning. However, if you successfully complete the program and publish your research findings, it could provide you with a competitive edge when applying for RTP (Research Training Program) scholarships. RTP scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and are quite competitive. Typically, they require an exceptional academic track record, and having research publications can significantly enhance your application.

The Centre is planning to offer the scholarship program all year round. At this stage however, it is not possible to do the program outside the summer term. If you are keen to get into research outside the scholarship program, feel free to contact NCNM academic staff at any time to discuss your project ideas, and career plans.

As a student of SCU you can download an unofficial academic transcript at any time from My Enrolment.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The scholarship is only available to eligible undergraduate students who are undertaking on-campus full-time degree at Southern Cross University.
  2. The scholarship is awarded, at the discretion of the University, to eligible undergraduate students (see eligibility criteria for specifics)
  3. The scholarship is not available in conjunction with other scholarships.
  4. The scholarship is not transferable to a third party.
  5. The scholarship remains valid whilst the recipient:
    1. Remains enrolled in full-time study at Southern Cross University; and
    2. Remains enrolled in the program listed on their Offer; and
    3. Pays all tuition and additional fees/costs.
  6. The scholarship will lapse if the Offer has passed the lapse date.
  7. The scholarship will lapse if the student named on the Offer cancels their enrolment at Southern Cross University.
  8. The scholarship is not redeemable in cash and subject to the student complying with all terms and conditions and will be credited in fortnightly instalments during the six week study period.
  9. The scholarship may be withdrawn with 10 days written notice, should the recipient breach any of these conditions.
  10. There is a limited number of scholarships available.
  11. NCNM reserves the right to terminate a Scholarship in circumstances where:
    1. The student’s performance is not satisfactory, or
    2. Appropriate supervision is no longer available, or
    3. The project or scholar is in breach of the University’s policies relating to the appropriate and scholarly conduct of research.

“The program was incredibly rewarding and allowed me to create friends and professional connections and have a deeper appreciation for research.”

John Palencia
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