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Southern Cross University researchers take our backyard to the world

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23 April 2024

Three projects from Southern Cross University’s VC Flood Recovery Project Scheme will feature in the River Cities Network’s online presentation, 'Splashing around in our backyard', on Wednesday 24 April 2024.

The team, comprising researchers from Southern Cross University and the Richmond Riverkeeper Association, will showcase three of the University’s VC flood recovery projects to the River Cities Network’s global audience.

The projects include:

Talking about the Richmond River - community values for river health in a post-flood environment (Professor Amanda Reichelt-Brushett)

Create an online data repository to understand how to manage the Richmond River catchment and restore its health (Associate Professor Adele Wessell)

Create and coordinate an ongoing citizen science program to assess riverine ecosystem health across the catchment (Mr Brendan Cox)

Established in 2022, the VC Flood Recovery Project Scheme explores the ways we live with a dynamic and highly modified river in our landscape.

"It’s great to see Southern Cross University’s VC Flood Recovery Projects being featured in the River Cities Network presentation series", said Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mary Spongberg.

"This not only recognises the significance and quality of our researchers’ work, but also takes that research to a worldwide audience. This in turn opens the door to knowledge-sharing with other experts in this important field, and to potential collaborative projects in the future."

The presentation will also highlight the work of Living Lab Northern Rivers, a joint initiative of Southern Cross University, University of Technology Sydney and the NSW Government. Located in the Lismore CBD, Living Lab Northern Rivers provides a space for research and community to meet and create solutions for the region’s future.

Professor Reichelt-Brushett is also conducting research into the Richmond River through the Global Estuaries Monitoring Programme (GEM), which is investigating pharmaceutical residues in estuaries around the world.

You can join the Splashing around in our backyard presentation through this link.

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