Contractors and Visitors

Southern Cross University’s (SCU) obligated by Workplace Health & Safety legislation to, as much as reasonably practicable, ensure its Contractors, Service Providers and Visitors perform and carry out work in a safe manner. To achieve this Contractors, Service Providers and Visitors must ensure the risk of identified hazards are eliminated or controlled to avoid injury, as much as reasonably practicable, and are expected to act and work safely at all times; complying with their obligations under the relevant Work Health & Safety legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.   SCU have developed a number of systems to control risks including, but is not limited to:

  • All Contractors, Service Providers and Visitors must sign in immediately upon arrival.
  • Design, implementation and submission of all safety documentation for tasks on campus (i.e. Safe Work Procedures (SWP) or Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Risk Assessment (RA) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS); if applicable).
  • Ensure adequate instruction, training and supervision.

All businesses engaged by SCU for works must first register to be a SCU Contractor, provide copies of relevant insurance and safety documentation, and request contractor inductions for all workers, at least 3 days prior, to attending the site. 

To allow adequate time for processing, induction requests must be sent to PS Contractor at least 3 days prior to attending site. This induction can be accessed on all devices (computer, tablet or mobile) and has been developed to support and provide workers with information focused on:

Please refer to our Contractor Hub for more information on registering your company, inductions, access and safety. 

All SCU engaged Visitors must complete a SCU Visitor Induction. To accommodate the wide variety of SCU Visitors and to ensure each visitor is appropriately induced to safely work / study at our campuses, the Property Services Visitor Induction has been broken into Two(2) categories. The SCU staff member engaging your services and supervising your visit is called your SCU Staff Supervisor - these SCU Staff Supervisors will determine which of the below inductions will apply to you.

  • Visitor Induction Checklist for Short-Term Visitors
  • Online Visitor Induction via  the website for Long Term Visitors

SCU Visitor - what are the next steps?

Visitor Induction Checklist - For Short-Term Visitors

If you have not received any induction information, please submit a request to PS Contractor and we'll get the process started.


Arrival and Access

Every campus has a mandatory sign-in and swipe access card policy which all Contractors, Service Providers and Visitors must follow when arriving and navigating through our campuses.


Workers must sign in using our online sign-in register when arrive onsite. Every worker attending should also have their swipe access card on their person at all times; this not only provides swipe access but is also your contractor identification card.

Please note that your details will be recorded in the University’s Key Register Access Control System when accepting keys or swipe card access. Your access to buildings will also be recorded in our database. A copy of our Key and Access Control Policy is available upon request.

Please refer to the Contractor Hub for more information about contractor-specific access and swipe access card information.


Make your way to the Security Office or Reception to sign into the Visitor Sign-in register upon arrival. The SCU Staff Supervisor will then go through a Visitor Induction Checklist or ask to view your certificate of completion from the online Visitor Induction.


Parking is free at the Lismore, Gold Coast and NMSC campuses. Designated loading zones are available.

Relevant Work Health & Safety Legislation

New South Wales: Work Health & Safety Act 2011  &  Work Health & Safety Regulation 2017

Queensland: Work Health & Safety Act 2011  &  Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011