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Welcome to the Contractor Hub! Here you can find everything a contractor needs to be prepare to work with Southern Cross University and how to succeed as a safe and proactive SCU Contractor.

All contractors must follow the same procedures and guidelines, no exceptions or excuses. Below is an outline of everything you need to complete as a new or ongoing contractor, please take the time to read the following and complete all activities.


  • Welcome to the contractor hub - you can locate announcements here.
  • New fire impairment form from Monday 18 March 2024.
  • Two new permits have launched and old permits have been revamped!
    • Working at heights and hot works permits no longer include risk assessments and rescue plans. Contractors are encouraged to use their templates and submit these to [email protected] with permits.
    • New excavation and mobile lift permits have launched.
  • You can locate all the contractor online forms at a click of a button in our Quick Links section!
    • Includes our fire impairment form, sign-in and permits.

Contractor Overview


Every company needs to register to become an official SCU contractor before starting any works.


All workers must complete the induction, based on your application our team will select the best induction for you.


Every worker will receive a swipe access card and is expected to sign in every time they attend site.


We take safety seriously! From JSAs, safety management plans and permits - we have it all and are ready to assist.

Southern Cross University’s (SCU) obligated by Workplace Health & Safety legislation to, as much as reasonably practicable, ensure its Contractors, Service Providers and Visitors perform and carry out work in a safe manner. To achieve this we have developed a streamline system covering contractor registration (pre-work) all the way through to safety documents for onsite works.

All contractors and the individual workers are expected to act and work safely at all times; complying with their obligations under the relevant Work Health & Safety legislation, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

We encourage all contractors to review the SCU Contractor Safety Procedure and payment procedures in conjunction with the below.

Our contractor management system can be broken down into FOUR main processes:

  1. Register
  2. Induction
  3. Access; and
  4. Safety

For more information about these systems, please refer to the below dropdown sections.

Every company needs to register to become an official SCU contractor before starting any works.

This registration will require you to answer a number of questions about your company, including ACN, emails, best contacts and insurances. After filling out the registration application form, please email [email protected] a copy of your insurances and any standard safety documentation for the works your team perform (i.e. job safety analysis, risk assessments or safe work method statements).

If you have not completed any work for the University previously then our team will notify the finance department who will reach out in the days following to confirm a few more details.


Note: this registration is NOT an expression of interest form. If you wish to express interest in working for the University and believe your services align with our needs, please email [email protected] and a member of our management team will be in touch shortly after. If you register without being engaged you will be deleted from our records and our team will not reach out.

It is mandatory for all workers attending site for works to complete the induction, there are three variations to ensure we provide you will the most appropriate induction and safety information for the length of your visit and the work being performed. 

To apply for contractor induction:

To start the process, please email [email protected] a list of the workers attending site, their email addresses with a brief description of the work being performed (i.e. September 2024 project works replacing Lismore z block footpath or HVAC preventative maintenance). We will respond as soon as we can to confirm and arrange the correct induction for your workers - unless advised all inductions will be completed via our online induction system. 

How to complete the induction:

No matter what induction is selected, workers should each receive an email from our pscontractor team with detailed instructions on how to register for an account and how to log in and complete the induction. In this email there will be links to everything they need to complete the induction. Contractor Induction Step-by-Step Instructions

How long are the online induction valid?

Our online inductions and their associated swipe access card are valid for 3 years.

All buildings are installed with swipe readers and contractors must 'sign in' upon arrival.  During business hours, public areas will not require swipes; however, you will require a card to obtain KeyWatcher cabinet keys, to enter offices, laboratories, secure spaces and/or to gain access after-hours. 

Swipe access cards identify official and inducted contractors; and are mandatory. The only exception is one-off or short-term work where an SCU staff member supervises and/or provides manual access. If this applies, please note this in your induction request.

How do you obtain an SCU Swipe Access Card?

Upon induction completion, a security account is automatically generated; all contractors must do is present to campus security or the NMSC reception desk to have their picture taken and card printed.

If you lose a swipe access card or suspect it has been stolen, contact us immediately to cancel it. If the card is damaged or not working, you can request a replacement by presenting to campus security or the NMSC reception desk.

How do you sign in upon arrival?

Every worker, visitor or consultant must sign in using our 2-minute online form, available in the 'quick links' section. This form asks applicants for contact and visit information. Note that form entries are confidential, with only a few allowed access. Unless specifically requested by government authorities, this data will not be released.

Only one submission a day is allowed; we do not accept a single submission for multiple days. The form will ask participants to enter a 'departure', please enter an estimated time; if exceeded significantly, submit another sign-in form to cover the extra time onsite.

Parking Permit Program - how can contractors apply?

Contractor vehicles should display a parking permit on the windscreen; these permit stickers not only ensure that they have secure parking onsite but also provide safe access to loading docks/bays and restricted parking areas (excluding DDA).

You can apply by following the instructions on our Parking Permit Program webpage; here you will find the application form. Staff and student permits will expire after 2 years but contractor permits will not expire.

The best location for contractor applicants to collect permits is at the Property Services Office, Security or the NMSC Level 3 Reception. Please refrain from visiting the student services hub locations.

We take safety seriously! From JSAs, safety management plans and permits - we have it all and are ready to assist.

Before commencing any work, all completed safety documentation must be presented to Property Services; this may include, but is not limited to:

  • Safe Work Procedures (SWP) or Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) 
  • Risk Assessments (RA)
  • Pre-Start Meeting Records
  • Accreditation Certificate/ Specific Trade Licence (i.e. Rope Access)
  • Permits to Work
    • Working at Heights
    • Hot Works
    • Confined Spaces
    • Restricted Access (i.e. area with identified asbestos)
    • Mobile Lift (Crane)
    • Excavation

Permits to Work

Contractors are required to complete and submit a SCU Permit to Work for activities including asbestos or lead paint removal, working at heights (scaffolding or work at or above 2m), confined space work, fire systems interruptions, all excavation or ground penetration work, hot works (including grinding and welding), dusty works or works that create fog.  These works cannot commence without a signed Permit to Work; any works identified without will be investigated by the appropriate supervisor and/or managers.

The SCU Permit to Work templates are in the 'quick links' section. Confined Spaces or Restricted Access Permits can be provided upon request to the Property Services office.

Fire Impairment Requests

Any works producing heat, sparks, dust or fog must apply for nearby fire detectors to be isolated to prevent accidental fire system activations. If a fire alarm is activated during work due to a lack of isolation requests, the responsible company will be held responsible for the incident and must cover the cost of the NSW Fire and Rescue call-out and detector replacement; <$ 2,000.00 total. 

How do you request for fire systems to be isolated?

All impairment requests must be submitted 24-48 hours prior to the scheduled commencement of works (unless urgent) via the online fire impairments form, which takes no longer than 3 minutes to complete and automatically notifies campus security and Property Services for review, approval and action. When the isolation has been processed and the site is ready for work, campus security will call the applicant to confirm and provide the 'go-ahead'. Works cannot commence until confirmation is received.

If you do not receive a call from campus security before your requested isolation commencement, please call the team or visit the security office.

Asbestos Removal

A Project Manager or Contractor Compliance Officer will provide Restricted Access Permits. This permit and all other safety documentation must be completed and returned at least 24 hours before work commences as it will require Site Supervisor review and approval. A final copy will be returned once it is approved, and at this stage, work will be allowed to commence.

Please visit our Hazard Management webpage for more information regarding asbestos at SCU.

To get paid by the University as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have gathered some crucial information that your company ought to know below; including who to contact, guides for invoices, and instructions on avoiding invoice duplication and an invoice 'hold'. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and the time taken to follow these guidelines. 

Important note: the University has a 30-day payment policy. Please do not re-send any invoices unless they exceed this timeframe.

Invoice requirements:

All invoices need to include specific items of text to be automatically processed through the University's finance system. If the invoice fails to include the mandatory items, the invoice will be placed on hold and must wait for manual processing which could delay payment. 

Mandatory inclusions: the words 'Tax Invoice', the relevant and current purchase order referenced, line items with description, and total ex and incl GST amounts.

(If relevant) inclusions: the archibus work request number (WO).

What to do?

All invoices must be sent to [email protected] for processing and payment. Any invoices sent to propertyservices will not be actioned.

Preventative maintenance contractors are encouraged to send a monthly statement to [email protected] to track the process and payment of their bulk invoices - this email should not include any physical invoices.

What not to do?

Do not resend any invoices to [email protected], these will not be actioned and will not prompt invoices to be paid faster. It only creates duplicates, which may delay the processing and payment of the original invoices.

The one and only exception is when you are instructed directly by the finance administrators or compliance officers.

Trades Panel

Property Services has a team of contracted contractors and a dedicated trades panel of preferred suppliers and contractors for regular services and maintenance performed on our site. Each contractor works with Property Services to draft an individual agreement and will work to the agreed SCU terms and conditions for services.

If you are interested in being included in the next tender process for our trades panel, please write an expression of interest to [email protected]. It is important to note that an expression of interest does not guarantee an offer; every expression goes through the same tender process. 

SCU Trades Panel Standard Terms & Conditions


If you are unsure of any of the processes, are unable to access forms or have any questions at all, please contact us:

E: [email protected]

M: 0491 940 850

For emergency assistance, please contact the campus security team directly on 02 6620 3333.