100-point Recovery Program

Recovery Program

About the 100-point Recovery Program

Optimise your recovery post marathon race with the 100-point recovery program, designed by World leading athletic performance influencer, Dr. Stephen Bird.

As you work through the list of tailored recovery activities, you will be allocated weighted points towards your weekly total, with the goal of achieving 100 points per week. This free program will help you to optimise your recovery and allow for improved performance. This program enables time for your body to heal itself in preparation for future training and decreases the risk of potential injury.

All these benefits allow you to aim for new goals and personal bests. The program covers critical components that influence recovery such as sleep, mental fatigue, stress levels, nutrition, hydration and stretching.

Further information can be found in Dr. Bird’s recently published book: When Winning Matters: Lessons Learned From Sport's Elite

Foreword by Andrew Bogut, NBA Champion & David Andersen, 4x Olympian.