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Study opportunities in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Professional experience

Our internship program can help you gain real-world experience in natural resource management and gain credit towards your degree at the same time. Discover and grow professional connections, put your academic learnings to practice and get a glimpse of what life as a graduate can be.

Professional experience

Higher Degrees Research

Southern Cross University has 30 years of research excellence and an international research profile. Study at living laboratories surrounding your campus in one of three key research centres - Coastal Biogeochemistry, Marine Ecology and Forest.

Our research degrees

Honours courses

Study your honours with the Faculty of Science and Engineering. With four key honours project areas to choose from, including Marine Science, Earth Science, Plant Sciences and Environment Science, students can explore topics they are passionate about.

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Field trips

Prepare yourself for life after graduation by undertaking fieldwork as part of your study. Get hands-on practice while putting your classroom knowledge to the test in real life research.

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Teaching and research locations

Subtropical rainforests and the Solitary Islands Marine Park ecosystems at our backdoor.

National Marine Science Centre

The only three-temperature, direct seawater flow-through aquaria and aquaculture facility in Australia provides a huge advantage to our students.

World-leading academics

Addressing carbon sequestration and accounting, biogeochemical and nutrient transformations in natural and agricultural settings.

Systems-based teaching and research

Learn how to adapt and restore planetary function through our combination of disciplines and approaches that interweaves multiple strategies.

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What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture is one of the majors you can study within a number of our degrees. It draws on the University’s specialist expertise in plant science, agronomy, ecology, agroforestry, environmental chemistry and socio-ecological systems. This study will help students find new ways to farm that will support natural processes and help our local farmers build more sustainable and resilient farms.

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