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Southern Cross University's Faculty of Science and Engineering offers innovative programs and research for tackling global challenges and shaping the future.

Dr Priya Borpatra Gohain BSc, MSc, PhD (SCU)  in a white lab coat looking into a large beaker or water filled with brightly colour coloured plastic particle's at Southern Cross University Lismore Campus


The challenges of the Anthropocene are unfolding in rapid succession. In the Faculty of Science and Engineering, we are nurturing students and supporting researchers who are equipped to meet these challenges and find solutions.

With our base in the heart of subtropical ecosystems – that pass through the reefs, estuarine wetland areas, diverse forest environments, agricultural areas and even digital environments – we are uniquely placed to foster a cross-disciplinary scope of practice in our students, with a research profile that includes world-renowned marine scientists, biogeochemists, endangered species biologists, water engineers, machine learning/AI information technologists and more.

We offer a portfolio of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses that develop not only scientific expertise but a profound consideration of the systems and human needs behind the science, our built environment and interconnecting digital space focused on smart environments.

Professor Kirsten Benkendorff, marine scientist ,crouches over a tank of water holding molluscs

“I wanted to be David Attenborough when I was young. In pursuing my dream, I learned that research is what engaged me more than anything. It’s satisfying to make discoveries and solve problems. Ultimately, healthy environments provide a range of essential ecosystem services that we all depend on.”

Discover our Faculty

Facilities and partnerships

With advanced labs, an entire precinct devoted to Engineering, analytical facilities, IT labs, and even commercial enterprises on campus, the Faculty has state-of-the-art facilities devoted to teaching and research.

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The Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL) provides specialist capabilities in applied phytochemistry, crop quality and herbal medicine quality control.

Research in the Faculty

We have a vibrant research community of academics across the Science, Engineering and Information Technology disciplines. Their work has helped to regrow degraded sections of the Great Barrier Reef, protect communities from environmental contaminants and develop new materials for our cities and more.

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Scuba divers in a coral colony

Our people

Our lecturers and researchers are renowned nationally and internationally. You’ll be taught by some of the brightest scientific minds, who have strong links not only to industry associations and partners but also to projects that are tackling the big issues.

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two men in agricultural field

National Marine Science Centre (NMSC)

Study with subtropical marine experts

Located in Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia and adjacent to the Solitary Islands Marine Park, where both tropical and temperate currents meet. This interesting setting provides practical opportunities in the study of marine science and management for both students and researchers.

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National Marine Science Centre

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