When evaluating the feasibility of a proposed pathway, the University will consider if the arrangements:

  • will assist to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the parties;
  • are complementary in study discipline to Southern Cross courses;
  • are unique or competitive with any other arrangements in place with an Australian University;
  • align with the University's strategic, fiscal, cultural and academic objectives;
  • are affordable and likely to result in the flow of aptly equipped students to the University, or in the case of reciprocal pathways, to the other institute;
  • can be appropriately resourced;
  • can be mutually sustained by sound marketing and promotional activities, now and into the future;
  • will enhance the student experience through exposure to a variety of cultural influences and suitably support individuals' life long learning through various education levels, with maximum credit for prior learning;
  • will support the national and international mobility of graduates with Australian qualifications; and
  • provide opportunity for the growth of new business between the parties, which may further the development of Southern Cross University collaborations.

If the proposed pathway is are deemed not feasible, notification is provided in writing as soon as possible. Where feasibility is established, Quality Assuranc follows.