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A digital career is at your fingertips

The jobs of tomorrow require agile digital specialists able to create, deliver and distribute content and resources seamlessly across channels and technologies. 

Our Computing and IT degrees offer a thorough grounding in the technology and communications of today, complemented by insight and perspective on what is coming tomorrow. In a sector based on transformation, we help put you at the forefront. 

New for 2024 is the Master of Computing, designed to advance your career in the fast-paced field of Information Communication Technology (ICT). Specialisations  on offer include Smart Environments, Big Data Analytics and Pervasive Computing.

Southern Cross University is rated 5-stars for median graduate income, skills development, student support, teaching quality and overall experience in computing and information systems (Good Universities Guide 2023).

Students have the opportunity to work on real-world projects in the Digital Enterprise Lab at our Gold Coast campus, and our strong links with industry form a fundamental part of internship programs that give students experience in real jobs before they graduate. And by studying under our unique Southern Cross Model, you can translate teaching innovation into career innovation. 

Whether as a programmer, designer, web developer, systems analyst, database administrator, project manager, ICT network professional or technical support personnel, studies in information technology are the beginning of an amazing future.

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“The degree really refined my areas of interest. I saw how it could offer a fantastic way to pivot and be flexible, and to be confident in making those kinds of decisions.”

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Why choose Computing and IT with Southern Cross

Graduate employment

86% of IT graduates are employed within four months of completing their courses (Grad Outcome Survey 2017-2019)

Digital Enterprise Lab

Our Digital Enterprise Lab on-campus enables you to work on real-world projects

Professional accreditation

Australian Computer Society (ACS) accreditation for the Bachelor of Information Technology.

I feel like there's so much room for creativity  in information technology. You can make it really creative and very fun. My name is Mrisha Upadhyay.  I am an international student. I come from Nepal. I realised that I really enjoyed working on the  design part of it, just the interactive part,  you know, talking with the clients and making  the design more interactive according to their  preference. So, that's the reason I chose Masters  of Information Technology with the user experience  specialisation. We are the five-star university  in students support. We also have relatively  small class size. It's also mean that you  have better chance to talk to your tutors,  your lecturers. We can do internships so I  started it before my unit starts for the following; term. So I'm doing uh working as an assistant  webmaster intern in a Brisbane-based company. So,  it's work from home. And then we do team  meetings. I'm working with a lot of senior  developers as well so it's quite good to get your  feet on the field. So, as part of my degree we use  Unity as a software to develop games. The VR, the  simulators are actually used as part of developing  games and also as part of developing any AR or  VR technology so those ones are like really good  to just understand what you're developing as well  and just to dive into it and actually experience  it as well. After graduating I really want to  work in the industry. I feel like I have enough  knowledge now to just dive into the workforce  so I want to work as a UX or UI designer so  I'm trying to develop my CV accordingly and  taking help from my professor just to make my  portfolio stand out and work in the field for some  years and maybe start my own business later on.

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The Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Science and Engineering is a leader in outstanding research and industry innovation, offering a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which specialise in engineering, IT, regenerative agriculture, environmental and marine science. Each course is designed to equip students with industry-relevant knowledge and capabilities, focused on innovative approaches to contemporary issues, while opening doors and opportunities for them anywhere in the world. Our strong links with industry form a fundamental part of our internship programs, giving our students experience in real jobs before they graduate.


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