Council Dates, Boards and Major Committees

University Council Meeting Dates 2023

  1. Thursday, 14 February
  2. Tuesday, 18 April
  3. Friday, 16 June
  4. Tuesday, 15 August
  5. Tuesday, 26 September
  6. Thursday, 30 November

University Council Meeting Dates 2024

  1. Thursday, 15 February
  2. Thursday, 18 April
  3. Thursday, 13 June
  4. Thursday, 26 September
  5. Thursday, 28 November

Meeting times and locations are yet to be confirmed. Please contact for any enquiries.

The Meeting Schedule for Academic Board and its subcommittees including venues can be found on the Academic Board website.

Please refer to the Graduation website for details of the Graduation dates.

Council, Boards and Major Committees

Committees of Council Academic Board Committees Management Committees
Chancellor's Committee Academic Board Executive Committee Vice Chancellor's Group
Finance and Investment Committee Academic Board Appeals Committee Indigenous Student Success Program Grants Committee
Audit and Risk Management Committee Academic Board Appeals Committee  
Honorary Awards Committee Accreditation Committee  
People and Culture Committee Admissions Committee  
Academic Board Educational Partnerships Board  
  Faculty Boards  
  Higher Degrees Research Committee  
  Research Committee  
  Student Academic Experience Committee