Digital Media

Digital Media

Digital media are everywhere today! Our social lives, our business lives and our personal identities are inseparable from the media technologies we depend on. The internet, smart-phones and social media have changed the face of the media industries, introducing a revolution in citizen journalism and a new way to interact with broadcast media.

Content makers need to do more than write a good story. Armed with digital tools and a digital media degree from Southern Cross University, they are multi-skilled and multi-talented: taking the photograph, recording the interview, editing the video, laying out the blog entry and sharing it across social media.

Digital Media Student Showcase

Essential Screen Skills 2021

Nathania Sutanto, Romi Mulvihill, and Jun Li

Bachelor of Art and Design

In this video, Digital Media students Nathania Sutanto, Romi Mulvihill, and Jun Li present the work they completed as part of a unit on Essential Screen Skills.

My name is Nathania and I am studying the Bachelor of Digital Media at Southern Cross Uni and this piece is a commercial that I made for a unit called essential screen skills with some of my friends that are interested in sustainable fashion and ethical slow fashion lifestyle. This project gave me a lot of chance to develop my creative skills so I had so much fun creating it and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Create Ethically

Buy Smarter

Wear Kinder

Make an impact

Be Conscious of What You Wear

Hi my name is Romi and I study in a Bachelor of Digital Media at Southern Cross University. This piece that I produced was for a unit in essential screen skills. The unit was great as it gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and this project has been something I have been able to use in my portfolio so enjoy!

Creating black label liquor was about introducing people to the idea of drinking well at home. I wanted to make drinking at home sophisticated and cool yet easy enough for everyone to enjoy from this. Black label was created ready to pour cocktails by black label liquor.

Emerging Artists of Regional Australia

Eden Crawford-Harriman

Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications

"It was great being able to use the skills I had refined during my degree to create a project that I was truly passionate about. I was able to develop the concept and see the project through to completion, Southern Cross University introduced me to Arts Northern Rivers to have my project published, I’ve maintained that relationship even after graduating and still work closely with Arts Northern Rivers in my professional practice.”

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The Room

Takahn Hunter

Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications

“Sound, as I have come to learn, is something most effectively created in a noiseless room,” says Takahn Hunter, a Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications student.

In this animation - produced as a special project in the unit COMM3004 Independent Project - Takahn uses Claymation to explore the world of Foley sound effects.

Grey Wolf Grandma

Matthew Power

Bachelor of Art and Design

A humorous take on home-defence tactics for the elderly.

This 30-second TV commercial was produced by then-online student Matt Power in the unit MDIA2002 Essential Screen Skills.

He has since graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications.

My grandma’s house.

Everything here reminds her of grandpa, and the live they shared together. I used to worry about her sometimes, but after speaking to the people at Grey Wolf Technologies I don’t worry about grandma anymore.


New Grey Wolf K-9. Protect your loved ones by any means necessary!

[Music with credits rolling]

Dedicated to Jack & Millie Hagen

A Rough Cut Production


Amanda King

Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications

"The aim of the program is to inspire listeners with stories about how artists, tinkerers and inventors are reusing, redesigning and repurposing what many would consider as junk or outdated technologies," says Amanda King, a Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications student.

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