COVID-19 latest information for students and staff

The COVID-19 vaccination is now available for eligible persons at the SCU Health Clinic Lismore.

To get the COVID-19 vaccine please book an appointment by calling 02 6626 9131.


If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please do not come on campus. If you have been absent with COVID or COVID-like symptoms, we ask that you undertake a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before returning to campus.

Please advise your supervisor and by email as soon as possible.

Please include details of the work locations you attended in the 48 hours prior to testing positive. Speak to your supervisor to make appropriate study/work from home or leave arrangements, and provide details of people you worked with closely in the days prior (your supervisor will share as needed to manage safety effectively).  

You can return to campus 7 days after you tested positive, as long as you have no symptoms.

If you’re a vulnerable person who is more at risk of serious illness from COVID-19, please speak to your supervisor. You will be provided with a Return to Campus Medical Confirmation Form that will be completed together with your treating medical practitioner. Once a completed form has been returned, your supervisor will work with the HR Business Partner on options and next steps. Arrangements will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

All University campuses have appropriate and safe ventilation systems in place to ensure a safe place of study and work for all students, staff and visitors. The University’s air-conditioning providers are aware of the health advice relating to ventilation and COVID-19, including regular maintenance and inspections, increased outside air, and avoidance of only using recirculated air.

For specific room/area/system concerns, contact

No. Opening windows creates other issues such as mould which may create other health and safety issues.

For specific room/area/system concerns, contact

Where possible, use individual equipment. Where this cannot be accommodated, equipment can be safely shared by ensuring users adequately clean the equipment before and after each use.

Yes, sanitiser stations have been installed across general use spaces on all University campuses.

All Work Units are responsible for managing the supply of products available in their work areas. If your work area is running low on supplies, please inform your supervisor and place an order with University Stores.

Whilst mask wearing is not required on campus, people may choose to wear a mask to enhance safety. Some organisations may also require SCU staff or students to wear a mask in some environments (e.g. hospitals, aged care etc.).

COVID-safe practices in the classroom are the same as anywhere else. Teaching spaces are professionally cleaned and regular use of available hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes is encouraged. Please contact if restocking is required.

Yes. COVID-safe practices are in place for meetings, offices and teaching spaces. If you are concerned about the space, contact your supervisor in the first instance.

You should always be empathetic. Express concern about their health and remind them that support is available. If you feel someone is genuinely unwell and they are unwilling to leave the workplace, please contact your supervisor.


What other support is available to me?



It is important to recognise that COVID-19 remains an active concern and consequently the University will continue to take the appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of staff, students and visitors to our campuses.

If you need to contact the University because your situation is affected by COVID-19, please use this dedicated