Mail and Stores


The University operates a Centralised Receival/Dispatch Stores and Mailroom system at each of its campuses and has a range of mail and delivery services available. Please be advised that services may differ at each campus. Contact the specific campus mail-service facility direct for further information.

COVID-19 Service Update:

Our stores team have updated our inventory to include a number of COVID-19 hygiene and cleaning items. You can browse through the new items in this pdf list - Stores Inventory COVID-19 Supplies .

To order these COVID-19 hygiene and cleaning supplies for your team or faculty, please download our Stores Inventory Request, scroll down to the 'Sanitisation and Hygiene' section and click 'SUBMIT' once complete.


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Supporting Documentation

For an offsite collection, please fill out and return an Alternate Offsite Collection Form

For all overseas packages, please fill out and return a Customs Declaration Form

Internal Mail

Internal mail is used to send items to staff between SCU campus locations and work units.
Mark your item clearly with the addressee’s details including:

  • Full name
  • Directorate / Faculty
  • Campus | Building | Floor level

Place in the work unit’s outgoing mail tub, ready for collection by 10.00am.

External Mail

External mail is used to send items off-campus using Australia Post. Letters should be enclosed in a Southern Cross University branded envelope and clearly labelled with the full name and address of the recipient. A barcode reflecting the sender’s cost centre must be applied to the front. All external mail must be correctly prepared and placed in the outgoing mail tub by 10.00am.

Deliveries to work units

Small parcels and letters will be delivered between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm. Large items are delivered to work units between 8.00am and 3.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays or on arrangement. For urgent deliveries, please contact the Mailroom.

Bulk Mail

If you require a bulk mailout, please contact the Mailroom regarding requirements.

Reply Paid

Reply Paid allows your receiver to reply free of charge. Following application to Australia Post for use of this service, artwork will be supplied which contains all of the relevant information for the mail to be returned. Once the reply-paid mail is received back at the campus, the cost will be charged to your cost centre/work unit. To organize the artwork, please contact the Lismore Mailroom on ext. 7 3723.

Courier Services 

Courier services are available both nationwide and internationally.

To send documents using Australia Post’s Parcel Send or TNT, the following must be included:

  • Recipient's full name, address and contact phone number
  • Senders full name and phone number or email

To send goods (other than documents) internationally using either Australia Post’s Parcel Send or TNT, the information below must accompany the item:

  • Recipient's full name, address and contact phone number
  • Senders full name and phone number or email
  • Value of contents
  • Reason for sending
  • Item description

TNT also require a Customs Declaration Commercial Invoice to be completed for each parcel sent. 

Goods to be posted internationally can be collected with the regular mail from your work unit (if all required information is attached), or may be dropped at the Lismore Mailroom in W Block. NB: Where a parcel is not prepared for dispatch correctly, TNT will not collect.

NB: Dangerous goods cannot be sent through Australia Post.

Sending Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are those which pose a risk to health, safety or property. 
Select the relevant form below (depending on the transport method you are using) and provide with your goods:

For further advice and assistance with shipping forms and specialised packaging, please contact the Mailroom.

Mail tracking

Prepaid Tracking Envelopes can be used for international and domestic mail. Mail sent by courier can also be tracked. The University uses TNT  and Parcel Post for courier with tracking available via their website. See included links for self-service tracking.

Mail Supplies

Stores can supply a range of Australia Post mail consumables including envelopes and post-paks. Please see the Stores Inventory Request for the range of available products. If you have any specific requirements please contact the Mailroom directly. Items may be ordered in upon request. Australia Post Shop (Discounts are available on items purchased from the Australia Post Shop when ordered through the Mailroom).

Stores Deliveries

Large items are delivered to work units between 8.00am and 3.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. Small parcels will be delivered with the internal mail. The mail recipient will be contacted to arrange pickup or best delivery time. For urgent deliveries, please contact the Mailroom.


The Campus Mailroom is located in W Block - Map

Hours of operation are 7.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

Services available

  • Internal mail
  • Australia and International Post
  • Bulk Mailouts
  • TNT courier services (Domestic and International)
  • Reply Paid
  • Registered Mail
  • Dangerous Goods


The Stores is open from 7:30 am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Contact us at Ext: 7 3723

Receipt and dispatch of mail at the University’s Gold Coast Campus is coordinated by the Student Services Hub. 

The Hub is located on the ground floor of A Block - Map

Hours of operation are 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.


Please contact Property Services at the Gold Coast. Ext: 9 3029. Email

The Student Services Hub at CHEC facilitates receipt and dispatch of internal and external mail for staff at the campus. 

The Mailroom / Hub is located in A-Block where coordination of Australia Post and small parcels takes place. Large parcels and large TNT courier are distributed from J-Block - Map

Hours of Operation are 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Services available

  • Internal Mail
  • Australia and International Post
  • Bulk Mailouts
  • TNT Courier Services

Contact us at Ext. 8 3777 


The Stores is open from 8.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday. The Receipt/ Dispatch centre is located in J-Block.

Contact Campus Stores: Phone: (02) 6659 3075 / mob 0400494028.

Property Services now has a forklift available for use.

Terms and Conditions

  • Monday to Friday 0730 to 1300
  • Subject to availability (priority will be given to use by Property Services)
  • Minimum of 24 hours notice required
  • Must hold current Forklift license
  • Prestart required if driver's provided by the work unit

To book, please complete the attached form and submit.

Forklift Booking Request Form