Prizes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are prizes?

Prizes are a merit based award, based on specific criteria, which recognises and rewards individual students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in a course, unit, excellence in professional experience or community engagement.

Prizes are offered for continuing and graduating students and may be a cash payment, item or equipment, voucher, membership, trophy or medal, subscription to a professional organisation or a plaque.

Do I apply for a prize?

No. The majority of prizes do not require an application. Prize winners are determined by each Faculty or Campus based on the specific prize criteria. However, some prizes do require an application and the Faculty or Campus will invite students to submit an application.

Who awards prizes?

The Faculty or Campus will select the prize winner based on the specific prize criteria and provide the details to Student Administration Services.

How do I know if I have won a prize and what the prize is?

The prize details will display in My Enrolment / Rewards and all prize winners receive an email from prizes@scu.edu.au notifying they are a prize winner and providing details of the prize.

Students who win a cash payment prize are provided with instructions on how to submit their bank account details to the University.

Are my bank account details secure?

Yes – prize winners of a cash payment are requested to enter their bank account details in My Enrolment. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the details entered are true and correct.

I’m an overseas student and have won a prize with a cash award. How do I provide my bank account details?

Please email prizes@scu.edu.au for further information on providing overseas bank account details.

When can I expect to receive the prize cash payment?

The notification email includes the due-by-date to enter your bank account details in My Enrolment and the expected payment date.

I entered the wrong bank account details. Can I fix it?

Yes – if the deadline to enter your bank account details has not past. Revisit My Enrolment and update the information. If the deadline has past, contact prizes@scu.edu.au as soon as possible before the expected payment date.

Please check the bank account details are correct as money deposited to an incorrect bank account cannot be recovered.

Can I win more than one prize?

Yes – if you meet the specific prize criteria and endorsed by the Faculty or Campus

When are prizes awarded?

Unless otherwise specified in your notification email, prizes are awarded retrospectively. Prize winners can expect to receive their prize pack during April each year.

How will I know if there is a prize giving event?

Your notification email will include details of a schedule prize giving event.

Can I receive my prize cash payment before a scheduled prize giving event?

No – cash payments are processed after the prize giving.

I can’t attend the prize giving event. How will I receive my prize pack and cash payment?

If you are unable to attend a prize giving event, please contact prizes@scu.edu.au or the contact person who issued the event invitation.

What is in a prize pack?

Congratulatory letter, prize certificate, academic transcript and Australian Higher Education Graduate statement (AHEGS)*. The prize pack may also include a donor issued certificate or prize item.

* AHEGS is only available to graduating prize winners.

Is my prize printed on my transcript?

Yes – the prize is acknowledged on your academic transcript under Academic Notes section and on your graduating Australian Higher Education Graduate statement (AHEGS) under Special Achievements, Recognition and Rewards section

I want to know more – who can I talk to?

You can email prizes@scu.edu.au or talk to your course coordinator

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