Sponsorship application

If you are seeking sponsorship from Southern Cross University, please complete and submit the following form along with a detailed proposal including any supporting data. Ensure that your proposal addresses our criteria for sponsorship and adheres to our sponsorships policy.  You can use our Sponsorship Evaluation Tool to help guide your application and the development of your proposal.

Southern Cross University's Sponsorship Evaluation Tool can assist with an initial assessment of the suitability of a sponsorship proposal.

Sponsorship is an expression of the University’s culture of giving and can take a variety of forms, including:

  1. Financial contribution for events such as festivals, expos, awards programs and conferences;
  2. Promotional or advertising opportunities – for example, in a University printed publication;
  3. Access to University facilities and associated support services such as room hire, catering, audio visual and event promotion;
  4. University branded merchandise;
  5. Expertise – academic or professional;
  6. Funding a performance or participation at an event

The University does not normally sponsor:

  1. Arrangements that directly subsidise or fund academic or research costs. These are the responsibility of Academic Units;
  2. Individuals (students, staff members or people external to the University);
  3. Sports, cultural or other types of club-level activities;
  4. Requests related to events or activity within the next six months, due to required lead time and budget planning.

The University considers sponsorship of the following kinds of activity, pending the criteria and requirements for return on investment being met:

  1. Groups or events that align with University values and priorities and present a return on investment based on recruitment, reputation or research outcomes;
  2. Activity that champions equity principles;
  3. Activity that promotes the recognition and contribution of First Nations people;
  4. Activity involving local high schools or registered training organisations which present opportunities for the University outside of normal funding models;
  5. Significant regional, community-based events in the localities around the University’s main campuses;
  6. Appropriate evidence-based environmental and climate-related endeavours.

A sponsorship proposal should address core criteria, including:

  1. Being consistent with the University’s strategic direction, core values and brand attributes;
  2. Providing identifiable and actionable promotional opportunities for the University (inclusion of logo on collateral is required);
  3. Providing opportunities to engage with prospective students;
  4. Providing opportunities for student or staff participation;
  5. Being able to deliver appropriate reporting on the sponsorship key performance indicators in a timely and proficient manner.