We took our vintage promo Kombi and turned it into an electric billboard for clean transport technology.

Illustrated diagram view of electric kombi internals from back

Introducing the Southern Cross University Electric Kombi project

It's a classic car that represents a lifestyle. Freedom of movement, of thought, of ideas.

As a young university, born and raised in regional Australia, these concepts are also part of our story, and they're part of our future too. With a science and engineering faculty that is the pride of our regions, we had the chance to create something special.

We converted a 1976 petrol engine to a state-of-the-art electric motor: a long-range electric Kombi.

Max: it's really great to not only learn the theory at uni but actually be able to have a bit of fun implementing the concepts. It's now a classic car with an engine for the next 40 years. Clean transport tech that meets the demands of living where distance is a part of life.

A project where uni students could learn and create building a part of the future. That also became a hands-on mobile resource for teaching STEM.

Maree: we want our graduates to be constantly thinking about the future and what's coming up and be at the forefront of innovation and developing ideas like this. It's the ultimate recycling project.

The Southern Cross University Electric Kombi. Learn more at scu.edu.au/kombi

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