Research Ready

Research Ready is a series of online learning modules that will help you to understand more about:

  • finding resources in the Library
  • what makes a 'scholarly' source
  • what makes a good or reliable source
  • what is referencing and plagiarism

The modules include videos, live webpage searching, and short quiz questions to check your knowledge.  A good understanding of these topics may help you to improve your marks and save time.

Using the catalogue

(10 minutes)

 Find books and journal articles: tips to make your search more effective. 


Scholarly vs non-scholarly resources

(6 minutes)

Scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed… what do these terms mean?


Research Ready

(30 minutes)

The works! This includes all the topics from above in one tutorial.

Evaluating resources

(6 minutes)

Is this website worthy of quoting in my essay?


Plagiarism and referencing

 (6 minutes)

Why use referencing (APA, Harvard)? Avoid plagiarism (copying).


Database Search Skills

(20 minutes)

More in-depth search skills with time saving tips – test your skills!