How to prepare for a marathon

Mind games

Setting the right type of goal is key to success for inexperienced marathon runners. Read more about getting the most out of the race by getting your mind into gear.

Pace yourself

Pacing is important for any runner, but especially marathon runners. Read more training and pacing advice.


Monitoring your fluid and carbohydrate intake is an important part of preparation but also of your recovery. Read more about nutrition and hydration before, during and after the race. 


Osteopathic manual therapy can be beneficial when recovering from the marathon. Read more about osteopathy and how it can help you recover.

Put your best foot forward

Choosing a shoe is one of the most important pre-marathon decisions you’ll make. Read more about how to choose the right footwear.

Get pacing tips

Want to know how to pace yourself in a marathon? Southern Cross University nursing graduate and pace runner Sophie Curnow shares her tips. Read more.

Download your 8 week training program

Registered for a running event but not sure where to start with your training? Get race-ready with our 8-week training program. Find out more.

Preparing for a Marathon - Heidi Patenaude