Our Services

Personal Training

The Fitness Centre and Pool offers an 8 week program. Working with a Personal Trainer includes:

  • Structure – Having appointments with your trainer ensures structure and accountability.
  • Results – Our staff are University qualified and are determined to help you get the results you are after.
  • Variety – Our trainers will keep your training interesting with different movements in relation to your goals.
  • Motivation – Progress means results, and results equal more motivation to reach the next level of fitness.
  • Progression – Your trainer will focus on progressions with exercise to keep you improving and avoid any training plateaus.
  • Above all else – A Personal Trainer is a training partner whose goal is to help you achieve your best results.

SCU Swim Squad

Fine-tune your technique and breathing while increasing your fitness, you will learn to reduce drag and increase your balance in the water, while becoming aware of your posture. All staff on the Pool deck are Life Guard trained and qualified.

Group Exercise Programs

Come and try one of our great Group Fitness Classes. We have a great selection of classes ranging from the low impact options of Yoga and Pilates to the high intensity sweat sessions of GRIT, HIIT Squad and Body Attack.

Find out more in our Services Brochure - Fitness Centre and Pool .